Post Your Daily Sandwich


I was really hungry after running a bunch of errands in the South Bay today, so I thought I’d get a sandwich to go from Giuliano’s in Torrance. I’ve had decent sandwiches in the past from the location in Gardena. I ordered their vegetarian sandwich, which was $7.75. What I received was an abomination. It was a very tiny sandwich on a stale wheat bun with big hunks of unripe cucumbers, passable tomatoes, tired iceberg lettuce, and a single wafer-thin slice of Swiss cheese on each half. It was dry as all get out with a paltry schmear of avocado. Although the menu stated there was ranch dressing, it was not discernible. This was a sandwich purely made to maximize profits. And while I wasn’t expecting a wonderful sandwich, I figured it would at least be as good as Sorrento Italian Market (which I’m not a fan of), Mario’s, or Claro’s. Hell, a sandwich from Subway would have been better than this overpriced excuse of a sandwich. To make matters worse, my husband’s meatball sandwich didn’t have any marinara sauce.

After doing some sleuthing on Chowhound, I discovered that this location of Giuliano’s is no longer affiliated with the original location in Gardena. Blech, stay away from this place, folks.



I like Guiliano’s in Gardena. Thanks for the heads up on the Torrance location. I really like the spinach dip and torpedo.


Thanks for the warning @MaladyNelson.

You should’ve stopped by Otafuku instead! :wink:


Delicious porchetta sandwich from Gjusta


Apparently there’s another rogue Giuliano’s in Redondo Beach, @A5KOBE.

*Facepalm I know, I know, @Chowseeker1999. Sadly, I was too hungry to drive to that part of the South Bay. I would’ve been so much better off having zaru soba with anago and vegetable tempura. Double drats.


Egg salad on white, Marukai Market, $4. I do love a skinny sandwich.


Crazy, delicious sandwich from the Cannibal taken to the Bowl (too dark for a good picture of it)

cole slaw, 1000 Island


That does seem good



Just finished the left over 1/2 - just an amazing flavor profile with the very smokey bird and turmeric.


Hi @CiaoBob,

How’s the bread?


A solid baguette.


(#8 special) BBQ pork at banh mi my tho in alhambra

they are looking to expand to the new food court reported to be coming to the 168 market at new and valley


Little Jewel

Shrimp Poboy

French fry Poboy :heart_eyes:

Wow was I pleasantly surprised at how tasty the French fry poboy was. It was really messy, but well worth the carb load. The gravy had beef in it, the cheese came through, the pickled added an acidic element to cut the richness, and a bit of spiciness from some sauce. The slaw and tomato make it healthy.


French Fry Po’Boys are so much better than they sound (when done right).


Steve Julian from Wax Paper co.


From the website - roasted pork shoulder, pickled carrots and daikon, jalapeno vinagrette, cilantro and a “rich miso and bacon fat aioli”


I wish this was in dogtown instead of frogtown! but dayum I need to get down there and try this


Poor us - we only have Gjusta and GTA. :wink: They closed early today - power outage in the area.


I ordered it as a “side” instead of regular fries. I doubt I would have ordered it as a main, but now I will after eating what may be one of my favorite sandwiches at Little Jewel.