Post Your Daily Sandwich


I wonder if you can get a po boy with roast beef and fries combined…


I have had that before. Great way to go.


Ooh… how did you order it exactly?


I recall it being a po’boy served at Jazz Fest: so all I did was ask for “one, dressed.”


[quote=“CiaoBob, post:299, topic:3052”]
“rich miso and bacon fat aioli”
[/quote]Good God. What will they think of next?


Oops, I thought you meant at Little Jewel.


Yesterday was a fried shrimp po boy at Orleans & York in Inglewood on Florence. A great sandwich, and good for two meals. Crispy big shrimp, some fried into duo shrimp balls. Good long rolls, lettuce and tomato, and oh that hot sauce – good heat but lower notes. A bit expensive for a sandwich, over $13 w/ tax, but a delicious experience and good value. Note they have opened several new locations – hopefully they will serve the same quality food and have easier seating.


We go to the Florence location because the parking is a piece of cake compared to the Slauson location. The staff is just as friendly and on top of things as well.


Don’t sleep on the “York” side of the Orleans & York menu. The Ms. Rachel is quite tasty, too.


My son like the “York” part of the menu. We’ll take a shot at that sandwich next time - thanks…


I have a little cafe in the ground floor of my office building in Orange called Amarith Cafe. It’s conveniennt, yes, but they also serve solid food. Their bacon, egg and cheddar brioche is one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches, but today, I had something new.

Their crispy chicken sandwich is excellent! The breaded chicken breast was cooked so perfectly, the sandwich could have done without the lettuce, tomato, pickle and mayo that were part of the package, but I’m glad all of those components were there. I didn’t get a picture. I’m not even sorry; I was too busy eating. Maybe next time.

If you don’t work in this complex, parking is kind of a hassle, but if you find yourself there, this sandwich is worth a try.

Amarith Cafe
500 S Main St
Ste 102
Orange, CA 92868


Had a B minus/C+ Cuban Sandwich from the Crispy Cuban Truck today. The flavors were just OK (but that is mostly from the mustard and pickles with a only little porky “punch”); the problem was, of course, the bread and the textures. Bread was all crumbly, and totally fell apart in my hands after the first bite. I am no chef - but I have eaten many fine cubans - I surmise the bread was not particularly fresh and/or the sandwich was not properly griddled and pressed to meld it all together.


Fried Chicken Sando (And no, I didn’t ask for the “Sando.” Who comes up with this stuff?)

I asked to add the lettuce and tomato, It doesn’t come with it. But it comes with melted cheese. Personally, I find the idea of melted cheese on breaded, fried things strange and unappetizing.

I deconstructed the sandwich, and the chicken was juicy and the crust was crispy and not greasy. Kind of like fat, irregularly shaped schnitzel. (I don’t really eat fried chicken, except schnitzel sometimes.) It was good chicken.

Here is my deconstructed sandwich lettuce and the bottom of the brioche bun with bbq sauce), it was delicious. :slight_smile:

Holy Cow
4130 Sepulveda Blvd.
Culver City, 90230


Isn’t he the guy who runs Cloud City in Star Wars? :slight_smile:


Yep. Buddies with Ham Solo.


Ham Solo’s companion is ChewHound



Another day, another dollar (many) spent at Gjusta. Prime rib butcher sandwich


Nice @Hungrydrunk! Love that amazing sandwich! :slight_smile: