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Making beans is like learning to ride a bicycle for the first time somehow at the same time it’s very easy and very difficult! Getting the broth the proper texture and seasoned right is always the sign of good home cooked Mexican beans. Eating Frijoles de la olla always brings me back to childhood.


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Frijoles de la olla
[/quote]Oooh… Now that sounds interesting. I love making beans. The first thing I did when the weather broke was lug out the Dutch oven and make a big pot of bean stew.


Happy National Sandwich Day From Brent’s Deli!


Thanks for the reminder re National Sandwich Day!

BTW, Mendocino Farms is doing their buy one get one free deal again this year. As before, however, it’s only good from 2pm-4pm.


Wexler’s Santa Monica
The O.G. $12
Pastrami, Mustard, Rye

It was nice. I like my pastrami more peppery, and the sanwich was a bit dinky, but this was fine. Bread had very crispy edges a la Langer’s.


Looks like pastrami is being served thicker these days… and not peppery? Looks like corned beef.


It was smokier than corned beef for sure, but lacked the pepper kick of a more typical (or maybe it is more correct to say, a more New York) pastrami. I have never had Montreal pastrami so maybe it is more Monteal-ian


Montreal? :grinning:. What the heck?


Actually looks very similar (in color) to the pastrami I got from Refuge SC


is this a sandwich? Wexler’s Deli Santa Monica…


Langers #19, it really is a fine sammie… btw has anyone noticed their coffee is surprisingly good for a deli?


Breakfast for the boy is a stuffing sandwich with cranberry sauce and gravy. And some turkey.


My favorite part of Thanksgiving is putting the leftovers in a sandwich: Hot turkey sandwich w/the fixins’, cold turkey sandwich w/mayo, ham sandwich w/mayo & dijon, and my personal favorite… biscuits and gravy!!! I could go on but… :flushed:.


Turkey Sliders.


Kings Hawaiian Rolls? Those make such good sandwiches.




Oh yeah! Add those to my list of the day afters!


Double Yes!


Should start a thread on Cooking about re purposing Thanksgiving leftovers! I made Onigiri with turkey and ume paste (tastes a bit like cranberry right?!)


I think repurposing leftovers requires some of the most practical creativity. Particularly turkey - that’s a massive amount of animal (at least for the urban household) to jig, cut&paste, and spin magic on.

My mom’s favorite go-to was saving all the remaining pieces of turkey meat pulled from the bones and using them for turkey tacos - deep-fried turkey tacos. She’d also use the remaining shreds in turkey curry (Japanese-style pseudo curry). She’d save the bones and use those for a base for stock, and then use that stock for the curry.