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Brent’s Pastrami Dip!


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I made Onigiri with turkey and ume paste (tastes a bit like cranberry right?!)
[/quote]How’s that for blending cultures? Perfect. Also perfect for the sandwich thread. Isn’t Onigiri a lunch box staple in Japan, like the American sandwich?


Yumm… Man I wish we had thought of @aaqjr’s idea of a Thanksgiving leftover thread sooner.


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@Bookwich @wienermobile Good call.

At their bakery, they have the sliced bread and the jalapeño bread, both make great sandwiches.


Uh… yumm.


Brisket banh mi from Gjelina Takeaway. Traveled surprisingly well.


The Rocky Balboa Sandwich at Cortina’s (Anaheim and Orange). Cortina’s take on a Philly Roast Pork.

Family recipe of Porchetta. Lots of flavor. Hard to believe it’s a pork loin. The broccolini provided some bittersweetness. And the broth from the pork to dip it in!! I drank what was left.

This is one of the best sandwiches in OC and also rare, I do not know of any other places doing a Philly Roast Pork


Damn… that looks SO GOOD. Btw, the porchetta melt at Gjusta is basically a Philly roast pork by another name. Highly recommended if you haven’t tried it already.


Another mile high @Bigmouth sandwich update!


No pics, but much props to Ragin Cajun for slanging poboys in areas that do not have poboys. I’m sure it’s no Orleans and York, but the bread is crusty, and the whole package is pretty tasty.


Looks legit!


Which one do you get?


I like the shrimp more than the catfish but they’ll do a half and half so you can figure out which one you like better.


Since we are discussing poboy, went to Little Jewel to get that french fry po’boy and got a hot andouille as well.

French fry poboy was delicious, hot andouille needed more flavor.


Heh I was debating making the schlep to LJ but got lazy which was how I ended up at Ragin Cajun. How much are the po boys @ LJ again?


I think the shrimp poboy is around $15 and the french fry is $10. Some poboys can be almost $20 like the soft shell crab.


Me; What is that?
Him: A burger.
Me: Duh, but what’s in it?
Him: Chili.
Me: Chili… Is that FRITOS?
Him: Yup. [Big bite, wicked grin.]
~ Finis

Hopdoddy, Playa Vista


Pierna torta at Tortas Ahogadas Ameca


Yeah baby. That’s Texas Frito Pie-style .