Post Your Daily Sandwich


That is serious stoner food. :stuck_out_tongue:


I prefer to call it a prop64 sanctioned meal.


Been eating through the menu at Les Sisters in Chatsworth. Place kind of reminds me of the old Creole Chef in Crenshaw.

Catfish Poboy, $9.


Brent’s black pastrami rueben with a latka…


If memory serves me correctly, they have a pretty good Monte Cristo there, too…




A Cut Above Butcher Shop


All this time I have been getting steak fries!!!


That latka looks a little over-cooked, is it just the picture?


Nice @CiaoBob. How was the Merguez?

Have you tried the one at Revolutionario yet? Curious how it compares.


It was crispy but not over cooked. Just the way I like it. The picture did make it look overdone…


Just curious, cause I’m latke- crazed. My favorites are Nate N’ Al.


Glorious would be eating Langers and Brent’s with a chocolate egg cream while watching the GLORIOUS Ending to Rogue One with some Katz during the credits.

I made this just to tell you guys how wonderful Rogue One’s ending is.


I have tried rev’s but it has been a while so I am afraid I cannot make any type of valid comparison. Both were quite good. Perhaps rev’s were smaller and more spice laden while ACA’s where larger and lambier.




a splendid tuna on multi-grain from Europane today. the picture doesn’t do it justice. #lessismore


You’re referring the Vaders murderous rampage?


Pastrami Reuben jumbo sized at Greenblatts with macaroni salad.

Not sure why I haven’t been ordering Reubens here. Pretty solid rendition. Pastrami remains one of my favorites in LA.


That does looks good. I’ve never been to Greenblatts, but noted.

The bread looks a bit suspect, though. It seems all fall short of the Langer’s throne.


The bread does. Still really good rye bread IMO but nowhere is as good as Langers. Greenblatts is the next best thing though, and open until 2 am. If Langers was open until 2 am I would go more often.