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the old Creole Chef in Crenshaw.
[/quote]I’d like to hear about that! There is a caterer called The Creole Chef. I wonder if they’re the kids.




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The “ipse Special”: Add a hash brown and more tartar sauce to those bad boys.
[/quote]I am so doing that.


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Automation is coming.
[/quote]You mean coming again. Before there was Ray Kroc and Carl Karcher there was…

Behold, the Automat.


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You can tell the chopped liver is mine, because, yes, I eat a deli sandwich with a knife and fork. :sunglasses: :fork_and_knife:
[/quote]So did my mom. Such a lady.


Stay tuned…


Apparently J_L is on to something. Looks like they’re making a comeback.


Torta Milanese

Very nice street-corner food. Generous, fresh ingredients, and well-made.

El Taco Super
Pico/Sawtelle, West L.A.




not on the menu - a fried fish po boy with curly fries at joes’ in burbank where I DJ blues on sunday nights. it’s nice when the cook will make stuff special for you.


Had an absolutely tremendous Korean-style brisket dip sandwich at Korean Market (née Seoul Sausage) over by Sawtelle. They’ve revamped the menu and are in the process of rebranding the flagship location, I guess to make it clearer they serve something else besides sausage.

I don’t get the rebrand, but that dip was off the charts. Brisket was moist and well seasoned. And even the broth itself was outstanding – a little sweet and savory with a hint of fermented soybean. It also came with a perfectly slow-cooked egg that you mixed into the broth.

They’ve also added a pork dip with tonkotsu broth, as well as bibimbap, both of which look outstanding. Still, I would start with the brisket dip. It’s a winner.


You’re making me hungry!


Bread from Le French Butcher. Italian Mortadella from Huntington’s Meats. Manchego. Russian mustard (just dabbed in couple of places for a surprise


Great looking baguette


And Beautiful mortadella.


I’m so pleased that i found it… it’s just 7.99 there and they slice it super thin… i’ve been there 100s of times but never think about their deli section around the corner. quite good.


Thanks for the reminder – I too, am a regular at the “front” counter for beef, lamb and pork, but forget about the cured meats 'round the corner. I will definitely hit up the mortadella based on your post…


Try it and compare it to the garbage that Boar’s Head sells everywhere for 10.99 /lb


Why do people love Boar’s Head so much?


Their market control is really strong. The brand just keeps reinforcing itself. People don’t know any different, especially on the west coast as far as Italian coldcuts go. So little imported stuff. Any decent deli back home only uses imported.

It’s all freaking sodium, unknown meat quality and no craftsmanship.