Post Your Daily Sandwich


Count me among the Boar’s Head skeptics. Gonna have to check out Huntington Meats next time I’m over there.


A proper Italian deli is good too like Sorrento or Cavarettas in the valley (but not sure about this one)


Marketing and because it’s either that or the store brand at most supermarkets.


Early saturday afternoon on KLCS ch. 58 there are PBS cooking shows. I’ve seen sponsorship by Volpi, a respected provider from St. Louis. If you come upon their salami, buy some.


Not to hijack the thread with a Boar’s Head discussion, there are two things they make that I do enjoy: their frankfurters with natural casings and their pickles.


Very good hot dogs with a nice bite…


Seems like I’m posting the same thing all the time. Probably posted in this thread a few times. But it always deserves its due:

The Black Pastrami Reuben at Brent’s. Double baked rye, a pile of meat…




Love that sandwich.


Kimchi Grilled Cheese from Nabi


Man, they really didn’t do themselves too many favors in photographing that thing…


house-cured ham, french butter, cornichons, baby green salad13

Bread, butter and ham were all excellent, of course. And eating it open-face somehow makes it taste better to me.

A note abut the salad: their soft greens have so much flavor; each lettuce has its own distinct taste. I wish every place serving “mixed greens” would invest in this quality of lettuces.

Republique, 624 S. La Brea, L.A.
(Between Wiltshire Blvd. and 6th Street)


What else do you like there? I pass by this place like ALL THE TIME, but I’ve never thought to stop in.

If you grew up eating Oscar Meyer, Boar’s Head seems like a bit of a revelation, actually…

What does that taste like??? I’m assuming the whole is more than the sum of its parts?


How does Republiques Jason brute compare to Petit Trios?


That comment about Boar’s Head is on the nose. Until maybe the 90s, most folks could find Mortadella only in movies.


If you’ve ever put things like tomatoes or jalapeños on your grilled cheese, then this is right up your alley.


Kimchi quesadillas, also an excellent food.


If you like kimchi (and I do), then there are few savory things that are not transformed, if not improved, by kimchi.


Another excellent dip sandwich at Seoul Sausage Korean Deli. This one was pork with tonkotsu broth. I’d rank the brisket slightly ahead of the pork on the strength of the perfectly cooked egg that comes with the broth, but both are certainly worth a try.


looks great, I’ll have to check it out. I haven’t been since they revamped the menu