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Brent’s Northridge!


Made it back to Gjusta and tried the veggie sandwich. Very hearty and flavorful. Biting acidity from the roasted peppers and pickled turnips (not in a bad way). Nice counterpoint to the creamy avocado. Loved the fennel. Chock full of fresh veggies. Look forward to enjoying the second half for lunch tomorrow.


Love the Veggie Sandwich! :slight_smile: Glad you liked it @chinchi. And is that a delicious Ginger Lemonade I see?


Yes, I went with the ginger lemonade. Very refreshing. I also picked up a cherry scone. It will get eaten for breakfast tomorrow. I hope it tastes as good as it looks!


Bottlefish - Brunch menu only I think
Nashville Hot Fish Sandwich with Ono.
Yummy. Not super spicy but has a nice kick.
With great fries.
And no line.

The Sawed-in-Half View


All right this is from Pal’s Takeaway in Oakland, CA, but there is no SF/Oakland sandwich board so I’m going to post here because Jeff Mason is such a sandwich maestro that you should stop in if you are in the area.

Rotisserie lamb with spicy corn relish, fresh mint, butter lettuce and padadum chips on a toasted kaiser roll.


Lunch at Langer’s!


Hi @wienermobile,

Yes! Looks so good! :slight_smile: Is that the #44?

As good as usual? :slight_smile:


Yes! My favorite!


Vicente foods, Corned beef and Swiss on rye.


That looks unappetizing.



I’m sure it does look unappetizing to you, considering you don’t even like the pastrami at Langer’s. For me though it was pretty tasty they have a nice rye bread, corned beef is moist and not overly fatty. It’s not over stuffed and I really enjoy the pickles as well. For a sandwich out of a supermarket I’d say it’s darn good for about 12 $.


This reminds me, I had a tasty corned beef sandwich at The Carving Board on Gateway at Barrington.


Is that in the slot with Tacomiendo?

Is this the place from Ocean Park Blvd?


It’s not with tacomiendo, IIRC it used to be a Oaxacan place for a long time There’s a ramen place and papa johns right there


No, this is in another mini-mall a little farther down Gateway.

Believe that’s Carvery Kitchen. It gets confusing! I think you’d dig Carving Board, too, though.

Yep that’s the one.


@Jase reported that Ekkamai Refresh is now serving banh mi. I dropped by and picked up one for lunch. While only one version is available - chicken cold cut - it is freshly prepared and all the fillings and flavors are the real deal. I think some might criticize the bread - it’s more of a roll than baguette - but it works.

I think most will find this $6 banh mi sized just right for lunch. It’s about six to seven inches and pretty generous on the cold cuts.

Refresh shows a lot of promise. The owner is particular and serious about keeping standards for quality high. He runs around SoCal in the AM sourcing his ingredients, so it’s best to call first if you are going here specifically for the banh mi. Obviously, the more he sells, the options start to open up. And he is very receptive to comments and ideas.


Glad you liked it! I haven’t had the chicken yet. They’ve only had the pork roll when I’ve stopped by. Looking forward to trying this. Thanks for the update.


Pork? Chicken? Tasted like chicken - could’ve been pork!