Post Your Daily Sandwich


shrug I think it’s better than the one on Sepulveda.


Portillo’s Big Beef dipped with sweet peppers…


Does the Europane open face egg salad sandwich count?


Lamb Dip at Philippe…




Yours was pretty good? I was just there last weekend and was bummed out at my order. It tasted bland. I’ve liked them in the past and although they’re not the best Italian beef around, I think they’re solid enough.


Ike’s Burbank - got a lincecum which was just as good as the lincecum I had in the NorCal. The sourdough is so far superior to that dutch crunch bread.


i miss that sandwich it is soooo good!


Agree 100%. Sourdough is the way to go at Ike’s. Balances out the fat in the fillings nicely.

Try the Jim Rome, if you haven’t already.


Thanks for the tip, there’s so many sandwiches at Ike’s it’s hard to decide. TBH I almost gave up on Ike’s before finding the lincecum on sourdourgh.


has anyone else tried the lunch sandwiches at GWEN?

They are only 12 bucks, big, and very very good.


Hi @skramzlife,

Not yet. Thanks for the heads up. Which sandwiches do you like there?


I’ve had the Grinder which is just a italian sub (but with all of their grade A deli meat / produce) and the italian meatball (dry aged meatballs) which was superb. They are really good and great QPR for what you get also. They could charge a lot more IMO. Definitely go check it out I think they do it 11-3…not sure about weekends.


Ooh, looks promising! Odd that only the Italian is called a “grinder,” though. Grinder is a term for any sub sandwich. You can have a meatball grinder, too.


It might actually be a just a standard sub, maybe i’m an idiot :wink:

thats the meatball


Whatever it is it looks amazing.


Oops, didn’t mean to suggest you’re an idiot. Just confused by their decision to call only one sandwich a “grinder.” In the parts of the country where that term is used, you usually see Italian Grinder, Meatball Grinder, etc.

But a rose by any other name and all that. They look AMAZEBALLS!


What is the beverage - beer?
Kind of funny that they elected to put the beer and a few greasy chips in those promo shots.


Pork bahn mi at Phorage, Palms.

Hella lot of mayo, and no pickled veg. Get the papaya salad or pho instead.


How can you not have any pickled veg and call it a banh mi, especially if you’re not a fusion place and ostensibly serve Vietnamese food. Was there any pate?