Post Your Daily Sandwich


Roy choi once again demonstrating why his food is mediocre at best…


Nope. The other food is great, but I’ve ordered these sandwiches three times (for the boy and his friends), and they always suck. No more,


Phorage is not Choi


Haha, I forgot. He is Chego, the place that was there before.


My mistake I thought he owned both (chego and phorage).

Still pretty weird that there’s no pickled veggies on that banh mi


I think the phorage chef is a SF Slanted Door alum iirc???


We probably disagree on this. I don’t think a lot of his food is as outstanding as a lot of people think, but a lot of it is also better than mediocre.

I still need to try their papaya salad thanks to your tip.


I’ve been to POT, Kogi truck, Chego, Locol, A-Frame, and Sunny Spot, some places multiple times. Never been to his upstairs restaurant on the top floor of Line Hotel. Chegos’ bowl is passable and his “double carmelized” tacos are ok, but never been to one of his places where I was like “hmmm I’d really like to go back there and eat again” and have had some downright not great experiences. So to me that screams mediocre or even worse if I wasn’t being so charitable. But he seems like a really nice guy and also reps LA really hard, so there’s that at least.

This is what makes this board great, everyone seems to enjoy food and sometimes ppl just agree to disagree.


The Hat


The Hat=Nap, and lots lots of water and potassium rich foods for the rest of the day.

Still very tasty! And they always hook up the fries.


i recently discovered that costco offers a bbq beef brisket sandwich. i think it is the default to the pseudo shake shack burger being offered only in pacoima, lakewood & corona.

which i thought was ok, but not worth driving out to pacoima, lakewood, or corona. anyway, the sandwich comes in a cardboard cylinder (which i neglected to photograph, which holds in all the beef which can then slide out after you take the first bite. i gave up and used a knife and fork.

the brisket texture was pretty good, the cole slaw a bit too sweet, it would be much better as a pulled pork sandwich with a spicy vinegar mop IMO. the BBQ sauce was totally underwhelming.



Just stopped by Gwen for their sandwiches for lunch, totally forgot to take a picture because I was too hungry.

I had the Grinder initial thoughts are that it was delicious all the cured meats were delicious mortadella was soft, ham salty, and proscuitto smoky with good cured flavor. Butcher guy said meats were cured/made in house (not sure if they were or not). Pickled peppers brought a nice punch of acidity to counter the taste of the cured meat. Bread had sesame seeds on top seemed like a cross between french bread and an american sandwich roll softness but with still decent chew.

Definitely stop by for lunch if you are in the area.


How much are the sandwiches? Are they to go only?


12 bucks good sized. I would say maybe slightly larger than mendo farms sandwiches, comes with a side of house made chips. You can eat there or take away. You just order at the counter and sear yourself.


They also have a dry aged meatball that I’m interested to try. Not sure if the dry age flavor will be there after the grinding and the excessive cooking. But from what I’ve seen it looks tasty.


The meatball at gwen is great


King Torta Al Pastor. Wow is this a great sandwich. The bread is so light and Airy…


Tuna salad sandwich soft boiled eggs at Gwen. Bread, eggs and house made mayo were amazing. The mayo was very rich and almost buttery tasting. Big problem was they over salted the tuna salad. The sandwich was saltier than the chips they served on the side. Definitely ruined a great sandwich.

personal experience gripe: I asked the guy at the counter which sandwich was better (tuna or meatball) and he responded “they all are super good, I can’t decide”. Generally I give people a pass even though I find it mildly annoying, but I also asked him this last week (grinder and meatball) and he said the same exact thing. So if you go don’t ask the guys at the counter…


Had a rare miss. Went to Korean Super on Sawtelle and got the KBBQ dip, which is a brisket sandwich with a vaguely asian dipping sauce with an egg in it. Everything was wrong. The bread for the sandwich was bad and had no chew. Half the pieces of brisket were 100% fat with literally zero meat on them. (I’m a fan of nice fat but come on). Sandwich was laden with mayo and cheese, which combined with the fatty meat made me feel gross. The au jus was pretty flavorless. The egg in it was good. Ultimately just not a good food experience, I won’t go back.


CHEESE? FFS … I told them they were making a mistake when they started adding mayo to the dip sandwich. But cheese? I really worry about that place. They seem kind of rudderless right now. Bibim Banh Mi is pretty good though.