Post Your Daily Sandwich


that meatball really does look soooooo good!


I am definitely doing the meatball at Gwen for sure but I am still trying to decide if I want to watch Star Wars at Arclight, Vista, or Chinese.


Chinese for a film like this.


Concur. I’d have love for the Cineramadome but they are showing star wars in that awful post-3D.
The Chinese never disappoints.


Chinese in 2D, did it twice opening night.


F-n’ geek. :wink: Jealous I am…


Another really solid chicken doner sandwich at Berlin’s. Chicken is totally the way to go.


Finally tried the Cubano at A Cut Above and found it even better than advertised. The pork shoulder was tender and I think it may have been smoked. I also liked how they didn’t use aioli/mayo, just mustard. Between the meat and cheese, Cubanos are already fatty enough imo.

It reminded me of the Cubano that Mendocino Farms does – but even better. I think this will be my go-to order from A Cut Above from now on.


Hit up a new food truck yesterday and had a schnitzel sandwich:


Surprisingly legit and tasty, would eat again.

Fettes Schwein Food Truck


The blue crab sandwich over at Prawn Coastal in Pasadena, CA.

If we’re being picky (and I am always being picky), little bit of shell. Caught right in between the molars. Deeply unpleasant. Is purple a weird, disorienting color for a crab meat salad? Yes. Did the minuscule bed of arugula underneath do anything to add to the experience? Not really.

Otherwise, tasty sandwich, actually! Nicely warm bread that’s got just-a-bit-more-than-airy crumb. If you can get past the purpleness of it all, it’s actually quite nice. The spicy slaw made from what seems like exclusively red cabbage is completely forgettable. Prawn Coastal is a very pretty casual restaurant, by the way. If you haven’t been, it’s tucked in off Colorado adjacent the iPic Theatre and the Crate & Barrel.


Humm Dog: Bacon-wrapped, with celery & black truffle, from The NoMad Hotel Los Angeles…


Is a hot dog a sandwich?


Heyo! Someone from the old Chowhound got the joke!



Ketchup dog


If the Humm Dog can be my “daily” you can call it anything you want.

I’ve often made excuses in the past just to go to NYC for this very hot dog.


Picked up a cheap slut downtown the other day.


The avocado and chicken skin (yes, I said chicken skin) sandwich at Freedman’s is out of this world.


:+1: that’s the best part of chicken–crunchy skin (gribenes)


I see your chicken skin and raise you a Pope’s Butt, er, ahem … Nose.


Am i the only one that thinks the brioche bun just ruins the whole thing texturally? I wish there was at least the option for a biscuit, hell i’d take an english muffin.

There is not a day that passes that i don’t lament the loss of Storefront, and that was like 10 years ago at this point.