Post Your Daily Sandwich


there is


I love the idea of biscuits in theory but have found they’re a poor vehicle for sandwiches in practice because they’re smaller and have a tendency to crumble.


I’ve never been en eggslut fan largely b/c of the brioche, but recently have enjoyed their egg and burger combo. Combo of runny egg and greasy burger makes good use of that cardboard-stiff brioche. Patty is pretty good quality.

Only like $2 more than an egg sandwich so ameliorates eggslut’s generally shitty qpr.


Ah ok, I’ll have to revisit. I see they offer a biscuit as a side, but the menu doesn’t really convey that you have a choice for the sandwich.


You have to go early as they sell out, like breakfast time or earlier. It is really good though. I usually add turkey sausage.


I try to be nice and understanding when it comes to restaurants but that bread is everything I hate about bread. You’re not the only one.


it’s been a while, but lee’s sandwiches now feature a $2.99 banh mi of the day.


Did you try the matzo ball soup? I’m always in search of a good matzo ball soup. Wexler’s is currently my favorite.


We did. It was good, but I think I’ve spoiled myself after regularly having chicken essence. Nothing really quite compares to chicken essence, and I don’t really care how good your chicken soup, stock, broth, etc is. Freedman’s included.

For what it’s worth, matzo aside, the best chicken soup in my opinion is from DTF. But it still pales in comparison to chicken essence.

Long live the essence.


“Vive l’essence!” -Esso


Oui, c’est l’essence!


Molinari special with roast peppers. S.F.


I want to do a Molinari’s Special bang bang with Mario’s Bohemian Meatball


Nice plan, they are within a 5 minute walk apart.


Especially since Mario’s uses Liguria focaccia for their sandwich.


3 open faced Mexican Korean sandwiches


Did anyone know that Mendocino Farms (at least the SaMo location) was selling Cassia lemongrass chicken sandwiches until last Sunday???


Yes. I saw it on the foodgps instagram, but didn’t get a chance to try it.


Wat??? I love how Mendo Farms emails me info about openings in places I don’t even live but fails to inform me about something like this at a location right nearby.


That was my reaction, too. I tried to order it, and the cashier very sweetly said, “Oh, so sorry, but it ended yesterday! We’ve been so busy that we haven’t yet had a chance to take it down.” ARGH!!! I’m sure it was delicious, too…