Post Your Daily Sandwich


Looks good! As @frommtron noted, this is the cold cut porchetta. The porchetta they serve at the Rosticceria is different: thick cut and served hot.

The hot porchetta is very good at Eataly NY, though I haven’t tried it at the LA location. However, I have tried the pork arista in LA and was kinda underwhelmed.

That actually reminds me, I’ve been meaning to post about my Polpette (brisket meatball) sandwich:

New photo by Andrew Wilmar

The meatballs were excellent but the ratio of bread to filling was a little off. Available Mondays only.


Thanks @Bigmouth!

I’m just learning there are different versions. FTC Confession - I’ve only had Porchetta hot on a plate, not in a sandwich (until now).

The Rosticceria looked good (love roasted meats), but I wasn’t made aware of it until we had already eaten. It was my first time at Eataly, so we ate wherever (La Piazza) then walked around checking things out. Next time more specific choices.

Happy Eataly Eating! Oh and Sandwiches too!


Tri-tip sandwich, from Dray’s BBQ (Mar Vista Farmers Market)…


Just noticed Pasta Sisters in CC has a porchetta sandwich on their menu:

porchetta, crema di pecorino, arugula "


Meant to reply to this in my other post, alas I no internet good…

Unless this has changed for CC, the one I got from the OG PS was on the deli end of the spectrum. Shaved from the slicer.




Nice green beans! I’ll have to try those.

Btw, I was there right across from you, tasting Oaxacan raw vegan food. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep, was just going to post the same. I’ll probably try it this weekend or the next.


Pasta Sisters in CC? Congratulations Westsiders!


Tried the Pasta Sisters porchetta. It’s the thinly sliced cold cut version. Tasty though. Sort of an Italian take on ham and butter on a baguette.


Yeah, I’d Suffer through it :wink:

Thanks for the report!


Bludso’s on La Brea

I made it myself…

I ordered a quarter chicken, slaw & potato salad. Peeled off some chicken & skin, spread veganaise on the accompanying white bread, poured on reg. & spicy bbq sauce & topped it with slaw. Doesn’t that seem yummy? :persevere: The meat was tender & flavorful (a little too salty), skin was perfectly cooked. But the overwhelming flavor was lighter fluid!!! No joke. Even my Texas bbq lover couldn’t take it.

You could tell some months ago that Kevin Bludso was spending time in the kitchen. The meats, the cook, the flavor, the obligatory crappy white bread :grin: were all on point. But I ask you BBQ aficionados - Is what we experienced due to it being the first cook of the day or did some careless worker come in and douse the wood & briquettes to get the fire roaring without having to wait? It was abominable.

They make me so mad sometimes!


In my opinion Bludsoes La Brea has never been too good. I think the hope (of good BBQ in that part of town) clouds the judgement of many who claim its good.


I think you’re right.


In my opinion Bludsoes La Brea has never been too good. I think the hope (of good BBQ in that part of town) clouds the judgement of many who claim its good.

depends what we’re comparing it against. I found Bludso’s LB to be superior to compton (based on my 2 visits to Compton), better than Max City, better than Boneyard Bistro. Have not been to Maple Block but it doesn’t seem like Bludso’s is competing against a lot.

I blame the veganaise.


Oh yeah, when I ticked off what improved with Kevin in the kitchen I forgot the sauce. Even the sauce is better, not great, but much better.

But I think it’s true. We don’t have much to choose from on this side of town or L.A. in general. I’ve suspected that Que lovers fawn over Bludso’s because it is superior to most options, but mostly because they haven’t much choice.

For in-house, I choose KBBQ everytime!


That made me LOL.


Phillips, Woody’s or Maple Block (prior to the downhill reports I have read of late) are my LA comps. Never went to Bludso’s CPT.


Hubby would answer you like this “Check, check, check.” Especially Phillips.


I’m a chicken girl. They have the best BBQ Chicken Sandwich. Thanks to you, I got to try it. But make sure you request skin on. The 2nd time I had it they omitted skin. That puppy went right back.