Post Your Daily Sandwich


I like Ray’s.


It’s all about the crappy white bread. The perfect delivery for everything in between.


I know! I was designing that sandwich in my mind as he was on his way from Bludso’s. :weary:


I’ve been to Bludso’s Compton (for a food event and to take out for a dinner), Bludso’s La Brea (x2), and Maple Block (x1).

First trip to Bludso’s Compton (huge food event) was transcendent. As in, I dreamed about and lusted over the food for mos afterward. Take out was good but not amazing. I didn’t like Maple Block much, but I think that could’ve been b/c of the price more than anything else. Can I say that the food also lacked some “soul?” I know that’s totally non-specific.

Went to Bludso’s La Brea expecting to be disappointed (esp after the early report) and have enjoyed it each time. Does it hit the heights of my first trip to the Compton location? Not quite, but they were also separated by many yrs. I’d happily go again to the La Brea location again. Maybe they were having an off day when @TheCookie went?

Have never to be Ray’s.


You only go to Ray’s for brisket and sausage. The ribs were pretty bad. The jalapeño cheddar sausages are amazing and would go just for those.


Ooh, good to know. I love brisket and sausage, so that would be enough… :slight_smile:


The Sandwich 2018

So it’s been a while since I’ve had one of these bad boys. It’s certainly not the prettiest thing in the world, but it’s also only $5.50. Yet somehow, I’m not nearly as in love with it as I used to be. It’s not bad, but it’s basically an assembled meat/cheese platter with olive oil and bread. Kinda dry at times. This falls under the “really tasty sustenance” category.

On a side note, I was kinda surprised to only find 4-5 different canned/jarred tunas available, and none of the good ventresca stuff.


Am I missing something or does there appear to be some information missing here? Where is the sandwich from? And you only found 4-5 different canned/jarred tuna where?


“The Sandwich” refers to Roma Italian Deli / Roma Market in Pasadena


Thank you Sir.


I’ve had it twice in the last year and felt the same way. It’s a good sandwich given the price. Nice bread. Nice cold cuts. But it’s just missing something.


Veganaise :relaxed:


I don’t like the taste of lighter fluid in my italian sandwiches.


This brings back bad memories when I was in the UK and people were eating ham sandwiches with butter on white bread. Blech.


I hear this. I respect this.
I will say that I had one of these for the first time a few weeks ago and I loved it’s simplicity.
But I could also be very happy adding an olive salad a la a muffuletta or some Calabrian chili spread. Maybe even happier than the unadorned original.


Exactly… For us it was cold chicken with butter on white bread. That was my first meal upon touchdown. But obviously I don’t feel that way about veganaise. :sunglasses:


Oh, dear. Put it a nice, crusty roll, and…


I know, right?


A ham butty and Veganaise should not be mentioned in the same discussion.


That is actually an EXCELLENT take. Your feelings and experience of Maple Block align with mine.