Post Your Daily Sandwich


An aside of an aside . . . where exactly is the hate for vegenaise coming from? I’m not getting it. Vegenaise and many store-bought mayonnaises taste roughly equivalent to me.
I mean, if you’re comparing vegenaise to homemade, then I get it. But Best Foods and vegenaise are equally good/gross, in my experience.


I know. I’m assuming they’re kidding or haven’t actually tried veganaise. It’s totally benign.


Mendocino Farms’ Tuna “Almost Melt”.


Jersey Mikes number 5. They made this one extra juicy.


With veganaise?


I didn’t taste any lighter fluid, so it must’ve been the real stuff.


I had the LA Bird today from Wexler’s Santa Monica delivered via postmates. Delicious sandwich, but not nearly as much meat as @Bigmouth’s!


Guess I ordered wrong. I got the Kurobuta Pork from A Cut Above earlier this week and it was a bit too dry for me. I also saw folks next to me eating giant kale/brussel sprout salads topped with healthy portions of meat that looked delicious.


i prefer to head south into alhambra and get the $3 banh mi special of the day at lee’s on valley. but now i’m already on the south pas/alhambra border so it’s an easy call for a lunch for $3.


But @secretasianman,

Your favorite Banh Mi My Tho is so much better than Lee’s Sandwiches! :sweat_smile:


true, but their sandwiches w/tax are about $4.50 now. for the true toisan such as i, one must decide whether they are 150% better than a $3.00 banh mi from lee’s. granted, the amount of toisan-ness varies from moment to moment - earlier today i splurged on a piece of chutoro along with some scrap cuts at mitsuwa to make a very satisfying DIY chirashi bowl at home for dinner . for the most part, my posts address a constituency that includes the truly budget minded.


The Victory Garden
Yummy Market, Miracle Mile

Cheddar, Avocado, Dark Greens, Red Onions, Sprouts, Green Bell Pepper, Cucumber, Tomato, Honey Wheat Bread, I add the Veganaise :relaxed:


That is a gorgeous sandwich, nic and flat, and I love the bread.


Brent’s Westlake


How was it?


It’s not Langer’s but it was pretty darn good…


Extra meat - Double dipped beef sandwich at Philippe The Original! Yep, doused in that hot mustard!!


Rae’s BLT, which I really like because there is so, so much LT. I also like skinny bread, so I enjoyed this (with a knife and fork :wink: )

Rae’s Restaurant
2901 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405


Any FTC’ers had Freedman’s Reuben?


Korean spicy pork banh mi with pickled vegetables and crack fries from Bites & Bashes in Lomita. Really good sandwich. I loved the fries and dipping sauce, too.