Post Your Daily Sandwich


The “2018 World’s Best” Cubano at El Cochinito (Silver Lake)… It’s OK. I liked the one I had at Habana Vieja better…


“there is no so such thing as a freedman”

   - milton lunch -


The I-have-no-provisions emergency sandwich for my son’s lunch.

Instant biscuits baked in the toaster oven, strawberry jam, prosciutto crisped in the toaster oven. He ate three, plus a banana.


if we’re going homemade:

my take on a banh mi using braised pork belly (skin on) in a fresh bolillo with picked carrots, fresh cucumber, and my personal variant of nam pla prik using diced serranos marinated in fish sauce with garlic.

i’d serve it to a guest.


Had a really great non-traditional (only because there were delicious caramelized onions aboard) Cuban sandwich at A Cut Above Butcher Shop.
The two types of pork and the pickles were just fantastic.
As @J_L says



Belle’s everything bagel with smoked salmon (nova) and tomato (sans the onion and capers).

I really like the overall texture of their bagels. But I have a rule from back East. If you have to toast a bagel to get just the right texture, something’s wrong. The exterior of their bagels never have that slight crisp, maybe it’s just because they don’t make them on the premises. But toast a Belle’s bagel and it’s awesome.


On snap, I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this. I’ve been addicted to the Cut Above Cubano ever since you recommended it a while back. The roasted pork and Nueske ham are so smokey and delicious. Thanks Bob!


That sandwich is a dream.
Thanks for the MUCH better pic.
I have no idea why I have trouble with the orientation uploading. Looks fine on the iphone.


These sandwiches from Proof are indeed tasty but 1 is just not enough.


I had the #54 at Langers the other day. Shocked at how good it was. I am not really a corned beef fan, but Langers makes it great. Not sure what took me so long to order this here.

We need a top whatever list of the sandwiches at Langers at this point.


Tuna melt at Langer’s



So glad you liked it. I agree, it was surprising how good the Corned Beef was.:slight_smile: We tried out a bunch of Sandwiches and I posted it in the Langer’s thread (includes Beef Tongue (great), Egg Salad with Liver (surprisingly good) and more). Hope it helps. :wink:


Thanks @Chowseeker1999. I’ll try the tongue someday, so many great sandwiches they offer.


Thanks, I’ll make a mental note.


Tuna Melt: Semi-homemade

From Yummy Market on San Vicente - Tuna Salad on Country White with lotsa’ American Cheese (deli-style), generous black pepper, hold the extra sprinkle of salt. At home it gets buttered and fried low and slow in the cast iron, then add the tomato and… :yum:


Going to get some sandwiches for the Bowl this Saturday (The Empire Strikes Back!).

What is the sandwich to get at Larchmont Village Wine and Cheese?


I like their prosciutto sandwich


Conquistador special if available, no balsamic. Actually, any sandwich that has balsamic, I would omit.


no pic, but i very contentedlly ate a $3 banh mi from lee’s while waiting for my flight at LAX. (i put the banh mi in my carryon.)


The Menudo Dip from Tolosa.

Have extra napkins handy. Maybe even a bib. Or two.