Post Your Daily Sandwich


The magnificent sandwiches from Proof - the culinary equivalent of skinny jeans.


the underrated chicken hoagie from lee’s hoagie house in pasadena.

the other reason to go - the homemage pickles (which includes 3 types of peppers, two type of pickled carrot, spiced jicama, radishes, cabbage, etc.)


Dry aged meatball sandwich from Gwen. Was too hungry ate the other half before taking a photo.


Damn that looks good. What type of bread?


It was their “ciabatta” bread but it seemed to me more like a very crunchy outside and chewy inside baguette


That’s what I got, too, last time I was there. Bummed they aren’t using the seeded semolina bread like they used to. The baguette is fine but the semolina was next-level good imo.


Yes that og bread was quite delicious but this one was great too


Standings butcher on Melrose & la brea are doing really really good roast beef & havarti sandwiches for $10. This place has some of the best meat in LA right now.

Just got it for the first time and it was damn good, the baguette was excellent not sure where they’re sourcing from but might be gjusta.


Oh man that looks GOOD


no pics, but super king had pork belly (sliced) on sale for only $1.99/lb. so i slow cooked a couple of lbs of it with mix of five spice powder, soy & nam pla prik (my version has just garlic & chopped serranos in the fish sauce). my take on chang’s pork belly/bun but also dipped into cooking juices of the pork belly along with more serranos from the nam pla prik… i was very happy, though it might have been better with a little more acidity.


This sounds delicious!


Hot damn! Great neighborhood rec. Thanks.


I know. Love me some havarti on a sandwich.


Clark Street


Thanks @CiaoBob and @Bigmouth

The cubano at Cut Above was fantastic. Non traditional but great addition of cilantro, jalapenos and grilled onions. The pulled pork shoulder was tender and porky in all the good ways. Even got some crunchy cartilage pieces. Excellent sandwich.


agree 1000%
Love it.


Celebrating National Burger Day at Trois Familia! Smashed short rib and foie gras burger with beef shank jus… Muy delicieux!


Nice! We hit Hi-Ho to celebrate Burger Day. Their double cheeseburger is fast becoming my favorite in LA.


I’m calling this bad boy the Tosi - bagel, cream cheese, tomato, bacon.


Shake Shack doing a hot chicken competitor. Not HR level, but a solid upgrade to the ChicknShack and I can actually eat it during my lunch hour.