Post Your Daily Sandwich


The Menudo Dip from Tolosa.

Have extra napkins handy. Maybe even a bib. Or two.


The magnificent sandwiches from Proof - the culinary equivalent of skinny jeans.


The Godmother from Bay Cities. Didn’t want to spend more than $8 for a quick lunch in Santa Monica so I went here to get a small sammie with “the works” for $7.10.

Good thing I read the fine print about the base price of only including bread, deli meats and cheese for $6.60. They sure nickel and dime ya and it’s cheaper to order by item at 5 cents each, but I paid the extra to save time from having to yell out a long condiment order among the crowd.


the underrated chicken hoagie from lee’s hoagie house in pasadena.

the other reason to go - the homemage pickles (which includes 3 types of peppers, two type of pickled carrot, spiced jicama, radishes, cabbage, etc.)


Dry aged meatball sandwich from Gwen. Was too hungry ate the other half before taking a photo.


Damn that looks good. What type of bread?