Ramen Lab by Sun Noodle Chronicles


Dang! An excellent bowl of Wagyu ramen at Ramen Lab courtesy of Sun Noodle Kitchen. Get it before the rotation ends on 12/23.


This month’s pop-up features Brooklyn Kura sake incorporated into the ramen & soba.

Ordered the SAKEKASU TONKOTSU RAMEN (Creamy pork bone broth with sake lees foam, pork belly, fishcake, scallions, red ginger pickles, sesame seeds, anchovy oil, seaweed)

Delicious! The thin layer of sake lees foam covers the entire surface; the fermented/alcoholic flavors complements the richness of the tonkotsu broth nicely.

To me Ramen Lab has become the most exciting ramen destination and possibly the best ramen joint in the U.S currently! Tiny standing counter only spot with one chef preparing every bowl of ramen with TLC.


I just wish they were two seats bigger.


Any particular reason?


the waiting

although the mole ramen was well worth enduring the NYC winter ambiance.


Okinawa Soba - Clear pork bone broth with fish broth, sake lees omelette, pork belly, fishcake, scallions, red ginger pickles

In place of the Okinawan styled udon like soba, flat wide ramen was used in keeping with the restaurant’s namesake. All other elements were consistent with traditional Okinawan soba - clear pork broth, thick slice of pork belly [albeit without the soft bone (soki)]. They even offer the classic fiery condiment Kōrēgusu, available upon request.


Hokkaido ramen theme this month.


Chanpontei pop up begins next week. Chanpon style ramen, sounds interesting…

"Chanpontei was born from a small noodle restaurant that opened in 1963 in Shiga, Japan. The restaurant’s signature Chanpon dish, now known as a local specialty of the region, features a family-secret golden broth made from seven types of seafood, paired with thicker noodles and topped with plenty of fresh vegetables.

We invite you to enjoy a bowl of Shiga soul food when Chanpontei visits Ramen Lab, May 22–June 30"