Random Food Photos


A place to post those random food photos that don’t quite fit anywhere else.

Moomers Ice Cream - Traverse City, MI 2017


Baja Bud’s…

Homard mise en place, Hop Woo…

Toasted onion bagel, Western Bagels…

@kevin s favorite haunt…


I happened upon a promotion on some obscure website, and entered to win a jar of Campbell’s beefsteak tomato soup, which used the original recipe and ingredients. It was brilliant.


Breakfast buffet at Flora’s Field Kitchen, San Jose del Cabo, Baja Mexico…


I love that Hop Woo picture. Reminded me of the final freeze frame of “Les 400 Coups


That’s a very nice composition.


Bottom shelf of my refrigerator right now.

I have a lot of condiments.


Mango chicken


A friend’s artwork hanging on my bedroom wall

edit: gracias @PorkyBelly


Messiest grilled cheese sandwich ever. Sharp cheddar, soft goat cheese, and lots of Président butter.


Lunch at Arbys. First time there in decades. Only problem is they’re a Pepsi not Coke place. Deal breaker.


My heart stopped and the back of my mouth started salivating when I saw your photo.


Talk about rare steak…in Santiago Chile…with multiple Pisco Sours.


Urban foraging. I found a giant tree full of fruit, and couldn’t remember what they were, but did remember eating these straight off the trees while bike riding around in alleys with my friends.




That’s great that the owner was willing to share.


Did they…:shushing_face:


This came to my mind because across the street from us is an ENORMOUS lilac bush (oh, so not food). It’s right at the fence and people regularly help themselves to the flowers.


If it extends beyond the perimeter of one’s home into public airspace = fair game.


You should be glad you don’t live across from me. I call them out :slight_smile: