Random Food Photos


Suckling pig from Sham Tseng


Move over combination Taco Bell/Pizza Hut.


It’s dangerous to drive with closed eyes, but I have to do this while driving through that intersection - just a PSA I guess. Potential collision, or gag every time I’m victim of being exposed to the combination in bold signage.


Where I get the best taco bowl

No liner. Single ply toilet paper. :rage:



I do not recall where this photo was taken, but it was very good food.




Cheese cart at Providence


I haven’t been there in a year. How was dinner this time around?


In my humble opinion, i think the food is still solid. i had not been back for at least 5 years and i felt it was much better this time around.


Enjoyed lots of great food in Beijing in October. Following are some that were new or unusual, at least to me.

Pey Dan (thousand year old eggs). Quail eggs, if I understood correctly.

Shrimp Balls, with some soup inside, served on a potato shell. Poke the shrimp ball with a sharp straw (as you would a big soup dumpling) and suck out the juice.

Shao Bing. One of the best bites of the trip, simple and perfect. Great eats in the middle of some random Hutong we wandered through.

Stir Fried Halal Lamb. Split Sesame bun, stuff with super tender lamb and eat. This restaurant husbands sheep on their own farm, only for their own restaurants. They don’t just bullshit about “Farm to Table”.

Boneless Duck Web. Wasabi sauce. I enjoy gnawing on bones, but I can get used to this.

Braised Belt Fish, with pancakes to wrap.

Bean Curd Strips and Toona Sprouts Salad.

Beijing Duck, Carcass course. Use the bones to build a ducky soup? …or Salt & Pepper Deep Fried Bony Goodness? We definitely made the right choice.

Sticky Rice w/Black Bean cooked in Bamboo, at a Yunnan restaurant. (Frog with lots of Peppers in the background)

Lamb Brains. Grill Master performing his magic out of a closet size space between two buildings. His Pork Trotters looked irresistible also, but we already had to stretch to even finish these two lobes of creamy brain (can’t bang bang like the Big Boys on this board).

Pork Intestine Noodles. We had great noodle presentations every day on this trip. These noodles on our final lunch were unanimously agreed the very best. Perfect chew, complementing the velvety funky pork intestines.


Back from Maui. Report to come, but it was mostly this (turns out, potato chips make an excellent mac salad spoon).


Bagel city


Macro city. AKA Macropolis :smiley:


Very appropriate use of macro. Beautiful image and tells me more about the crust of the bagel than a standard pic. Well done!




A wild Bresse chicken appears!


A renowned CH, who shall remain anonymous, made this Beef Wellington.

He made the puff pastry, the pate’ and the Hollandaise sauce for the asparagus


Prime Rib


Perfectly cooked.