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2 for 2





Si - lox and smoked sturgeon. Bulking up on breakfast to avoid getting lunch at Universal Studios- unless there is anything worth trying there?



Chestnut tarts from Gjusta


Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner


WOAH!!! That ain’t no ordinary beef!



My doc says I need to cut back on red meat, so quality over quantity when I partake :grin:


And c’mon - does that truly look red? You’re a good patient. :wink:

Stay healthy and happy!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I’ll tell him it’s white meat next time, with some flecks of red…


Crustless quiche with chicken and mushrooms.


Here’s some info from Harvard:

And the end is something I’ve become aware of:

" Cutting back on meat can also help the health of the planet. According to an eye-opening book from the Union of Concerned Scientists called The Consumer’s Guide to Effective Environmental Choices , meat consumption is the second most environmentally expensive consumer activity, behind how we transport ourselves from place to place. Making one pound of beef for the table creates 17 times more water pollution and 20 times more habitat alteration than making its caloric equivalent in pasta."



Looks great – where did this spread come from?


Bludso’s Bar & Que?


Yes their “lunch tray” for $80, serves 4-6. Actually a great deal you get a bit of all their meats and all the sides.


three-hundred blind mice
three-hundred blind mice
see how they drowned
see how they drowned