Random Food Photos


Can you not post stuff like this? Thanks.


That’s food?


LA trip ended where it began at Gjusta. Prime rib butcher and octopus escabeche. Egg custard tart was also exceptional.

(Excellent coffee and avacado toast at Chimney Coffee for breakfast).


3 Squeaks? I still can’t figure out whether it’s real or not. :joy:


Baby mice wine from the disgusting food museum.


The Chinese has affinity to steeping wine with a variety of seemingly odd things like snakes and animal penis. I’ve always wondered how they taste!


They mention one of the exhibits of cuy, Peruvian guinea pig. We had that about 25 years ago in Cusco. Not disgusting at all. “Tasted like chicken.”


Apparently like gasoline.


Trying to remember where we were in SE Asia (Laos? Cambodia?) where they had snake ‘marinating’ in their local whiskey. We got the non-snake one :slight_smile:



Take out


What all is in it??? It looks GREAT!


I probably missed an item or two. Salmon, scallop, tuna, octopus, mackerel, eel, egg, salmon roe, cod flakes, cucumber, shiitake mushrooms, rice.




After dim sum at Jade Garden in the Intl District in Seattle we went to Uwajimaya, an incredible Asian market. You have to spend $10 for an hour of parking. No problem :slight_smile:


Them sea urchins are very well priced.


I had wondered if that one was trying to escape :slight_smile:

When we come to Seattle I’m so envious of those who have access to good seafood.


Scandinavian Airlines snack time, 1969.

Our parents were so lucky.


LOL! I graduated from high school in '65!


Pork jowl char siu at Ho Kee Cafe