Random Food Photos


Restaurant Frantzén - wow, this place is spectacular

Quick pickled Baltic herring with rapeseed and onions, at Krus in Are, Sweden


Just beautiful. How’s the weather there?


Cold, but not bad! About +1 Celsius. Stockholm was a bit icy; I was like Bambi on ice a few times. I got a bit lucky with timing in coming to Are, since I just missed the super cold but now there’s some good snow. Back again to Krus for breakfast, some snow activities, and Faviken tonight.


I’ve always wanted to know how dairy cows taste… Please report back!

Are you gonna spend any time at Jukkasjärvi? I’d highly recommend it.


I’m not going to Jukkasjärvi, but it looks interesting! Thanks for the recommendation - maybe next time; I need to catch the northern lights and that is pretty far north!

Quick stop in Are as I head to Copenhagen for a few days starting tomorrow (and then to Munich for much beer and schweinshaxe).


Off-topic but we’re going on a cruise of the Norwegian coast in March and if we don’t see the Northern Lights they’ll give us a free cruise next year. And the food on this cruise line - Hurtigruten - was actually quite good when we ‘did’ Antarctica last year.


Does beer count as food? Display at Uwajimaya in Seattle. Lunar New Year.


Recommended cruise line? Might be good for my parents to view the northern lights.


Definitely recommend. We’ve decided after giving cruises on medium big ships a goodly try that we’re just not cruise people. And the food is part of it. I call it LCD - lowest common denominator. Feeding the masses. To go ashore in Antarctica it has to be on a ship with fewer than 500 passengers (a treaty to protect it). The food was exceptional, seated multi-course dinners alternated with very tasty buffets. Here’s the trip we’re going on:


Great, thanks for the recommendation! The itinerary you picked looks fab.


My pleasure. We travel a good bit but are pretty excited about this trip.


Got me all reved up (again) and I found this about the food :slight_smile:



Thanks for the link.


Yes, “tater tots.”


We had a little leftover spinach and mushrooms. MWd this AM and put a couple of fried eggs on tops with toast. We have enough steak left for a dinner along with leftover fries from lunch out yesterday. We chuckle over how little food we waste.


Well, I don’t know either! Unfortunately, were not served the famed dairy cow or the signature king crab with almost burnt cream.

What we did get instead was a beautiful and extremely nicely cooked piece of the 6-kg turbot and its skirt (and a great piece of cod in another course), so I’m not really complaining!




This is beauty but at the same time makes my whole tongue and jawbone wince without a choko or glass of something to balance it. I’m sure you had something nice with this…


we were drinking champagne most of the night.


Dammit - now, thanks to your photo, I gots to have me some chinmi and sake tonight…