Random Food Photos


Is that the famous tasty paste?


Pissing Shrimp. Mantis Prawns?

Had to try. Not so good.

Stick to the big boys.


Yes, fairly simple in composition but pretty tasty. It’s long cooked.


Aging lockers and larders



Noma 2.0 (some items from 1 of their 3 different temperature-controlled lockers)


Babita Mexicuisine - Chile en Nogada


The late Veggo of CH used to make these. Nice.


Wadatsumi - wagyu deep fried


That’s a really beautiful plate. Thanks for reminding about the place.


Was the batter undercooked?


i don’t think it was. it tasted fine to me. I really like this place, their kushiage is pretty great IMO.


Love that Chef Roberto…


We’re currently on a cruise up and back the Norwegian coast. We cruised on this line, Hurtigruten, last year when we went to Antarctica. This is their smallest ship with about 125 passengers. We enjoyed their food last year and are again so far. We’re not generally fans of cruise food, calling it “lowest common denominator,” feeding the masses. Here are some photos so far:


Wow. What did that piece of cantaloupe do to anyone? It’s all scarred up.


LOL! Since we both actively dislike cantaloupe I hadn’t noticed :slight_smile:




Titled “Veiled Peasant Girls,” it’s a “royal” dessert in Norway. According to a recipe I read you make a ‘jam’ of apples and layer whipped cream/apple x 2, topping with chocolate and mint. A poor imitation but fun.


Diy butter + 2 month old opened skyr tagliolini truffle pasta.


Wasabi KIT KAT’s.

Only in Japan? :wink:


Of course not :slight_smile:


Pick me up some?