Random Food Photos


Loquat! Yes! It’s an abandoned house, and the tree is huge. I’m going back. :slight_smile:

One side of the street is all abandoned houses; on the other side is brand new cheap development houses with sad landscaping.

I always knock and offer to pay if I see a tree with nice fruit. I’m not a barbarian. :innocent:


That’s EXACTLY what I figured!


Make some Pi Pa Gao.


Does beer count as food?

West Ashley (my favorite beer) at Sante Adairius Rustic Ales (my favorite brewery) in Capitola. That’s Rooster the brewery dog in the background.


A friend posted on FB that if you take “kale” and remove the “k”… Question answered?


Oh hell yeah. Do you know if they have any distribution in LA?


They don’t, unfortunately. I either get bottles/growlers from trades or when we go up there a few times a year.





They look HUGE!!!


No, not really, kinda puny actually for $2.50… about 2/3rds the size of what’s typically served in France. I think American market generally prefers smaller sized oysters… I prefer mine No. 2 to 0 sized.


I guess it was the rubberbands that made me think that. BTW, what the purpose of those, do you know? And yes, I prefer small ones. And no, I don’t know why :slight_smile:


Apparently they have a tendency to open up, rubber band ensures they stay closed and not lose the liquor and dry out. You’ll like this size if you prefer them smaller.


Here at Hog Island Oyster in SF :slight_smile:


Cheese orgy.


My family is celebrating Eid, so many Sri Lankan/Sri Lankan Muslim dishes were made (mostly by my mother).
String hopper biriyani, lamb curry, Sri Lankan style fried chicken, pineapple curry, and date chutney/pickle:


You should print and frame that! It’s gorgeous.



Singaporean “Bak Chor Mee” aka pork noodles.

Mixed Teochew meat platter (duck and pig’s head) with side of flat rice noodles in herbal soy sauce based broth

Black pepper mud crabs

Frog’s leg fried with ginger