Random Food Photos


Oh, so it’s not “a” crisp. But it sounds and looks GREAT!


Nice eggs, sister!


That’s some good eatin’ right there.


Insanely addictive


Another variety


Some Mai Tais that were made the supposed traditional way with just aged rum (Appleton, in this case), curaçao, orgeat, lime juice, and homemade rock candy syrup as opposed to the “bastardized” way which uses various fruit juices and grenadine. Boring looking, but so delicious and refreshing in this heat.

Cocktails - What Are You Drinking?

Happy National Fry Day from Father’s Office (ketchup not pictured)…


Perhaps more a photo of random food than a random photo of food: a meat and cheese board with…takuan. At an Italian restaurant. :thinking:


Homemade tomato and basil sphagetti, strawberry gazpacho, and pork chop with carrot puree, brussel sprouts salad, and sauteed mushroom/asparagus


Holey moley, was that ONE meal??? And it looks fantastic!


Thanks! Only the top two were from the same meal.


Aslan Mediterranean in Eagle Rock

$14 and big portions


Grilled Blackthroat Sea Perch (Nodoguro) and Gobo.


How was hayato?


For me, it was the best meal this year. subtle flavors, letting the ingredients, shine.
The Nodoguro was just lightly salted and i was blown away by how good it was. A great experience for me, a newbie.


Food unboxing this morning


Wow! Where did you get that?!?!? Is it a special occasion? What kind of caviar?


Tip from @Bookwich, from Browne trading in Maine. No occasion, wanted something different for dinner tonight… too cheap to eat out. “Imperial Gold Reserve” from Amur river, China.


how are you planning on cooking the carabineros?


Keeping it simple ala plancha and probably steaming.

Just tested one ala plancha with a light drizzle of EVOO & sprinkling of sea salt and spritz of lemon at the end; OMG!!! :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :crazy_face: the roe & juices from the head is INSANE!!! Creamy, rich, briny prawn essence. I licked the whole plate dry :roll_eyes:.

Could this be the perfect shrimp species?