Random Food Photos


I had some on our trip to Italy a few years back and the roe was a bright blue
best sea creature I’ve ever eaten


licked the pan too…:shushing_face:


Fedex over some scraps from the pan so I can try them too. :sunglasses:


From Dean & Deluca,

Since it’s farmed also I wonder how it compares to our domestic ‘stuff.’


Sounds sublime.


Shrimp brain rice, incredible yield of head/brain juices.



Beef ribs, brisket, peanut slaw, mac & cheese


Did you cook this?


@catholiver I had it at Wood Ranch just now. I can make a better slaw and mac & cheese but not the meat. :yum:


I really enjoy the garlic rolls at Wood Ranch.


You gotta eat em fast or they get tough quickly.


Prawn flavored instant noodle


IMHO stop trying to mix rice or pasta with that glorious beast. Go Basque on it: Subject the prawn to light steam or halfboil in saltwater, peel and eat the tail, and then proceed suck the rest dry. Maybe accompany it with a flute of txakoli.


Back in May, The Aviary


How was it, worth going?


I thought it was, we ordered a la carte. It was a really fun, whimsical experience and it made me wish I was able to get a reservation at Alinea. (I was on the waiting list)



I like their chopped salad with tri tip, sauce on the side.

But I asked them about their BBQ, they told me they cook in the oven and finish over a wood grill. :upside_down_face:


Which probably explains why I like the garlic rolls best there and the kale-Brussels sprouts-colored cauliflower-watermelon radish salad. It’s across the street from my office so we do lunches there…a lot.


Why am I not surprised?