Random Food Photos


I can smell them from here.


I :heart: this thread. I had to stop or would’ve used up all my “likes” on one thread.

I had been thinking of starting a thread for the many random photos, weekend rundown bygones and reports that slipped thru the cracks when life imploded and we had 48hrs to move out of our home. So yay!

Anyway, @President_Mochi, you always come up with interesting thread ideas!

P.S. Spectacular posts @Sgee.




I’ve actually considered that. And offer to pay for a cup and ice :slight_smile: An acceptable sub is iced tea, not sweet, with lemon. And some places don’t have lemon. .****************** Don’t you feel sorry for me? :slight_smile:


Lime. Even better.


Or lime. I have resorted to putting a tiny bit of lemonade in…but it’s just not the same. And I haven’t even mentioned my love of “Mexican Coke.” (I’m a native Atlantan.)


There’s other types?! :wink:


Ran out of soy sauce at home, so off I went to Santa Monica Farmers Market to get a tray of Santa Barbara uni for dipping my takeout yellowtail maki…




Now YOU I feel sorry for :smile:


I think it’s spelled, “Itarian.” :grin:

Can totally see how it works. Just wondering how they came across it?


:joy: Who knows? Just chalked it up to someone trying to be “creative” with their pickle choices, but it felt oddly out of place because the restaurant really tried to emphasize their “authenticity” with handmade pastas, house-cured meats, and Italian family recipes.


Who knows. In a couple hundred years, it may be as common as pasta and tomatoes. When one thinks of where those Italian staples came from…


China Town after Dark: Scissor Cut Curry with fried pork chop, pork jowl, green beans, braised cabbage and a soft boiled egg.(with rice of course)

edit: food by @JLee


Looks a lot like Hainanese curry rice


Yes, you are correct, probably better known as Hainan curry rice.


Peruvian shrimp ceviche from La Cevicheria, Rockaway Beach food stand, Queens NY. Pretty darn good for beach eats.


That’s a good looking plate of food.


Snacking on a bowl of carrot but it’s just a sad excuse to use my knife…


I feel you, man. I harvested my backyard sunflower seeds with the help of Japanese steel…