Random Food Photos


Those who drink should be nominated for a Darwin Award!



From the Sasabune on Wilshire. Dead empty at 5:45 on a Tuesday night. My friend and I were the only table. I haven’t been in probably 3 years but they switched up a lot of dishes. We had a very good meal. The amaebi came in 3 parts. Nigiri and fried head. The unusual part was the roe attached to the sides of the shrimp. Never had this before. The roe was vinegary and citrusy. Not fishy or salty at all.


I know, right? Shhh… :slight_smile:


Irenia in Santa Ana, appetizer Dilis - Fried baby anchovies with sukang sili


Slyman’s Corned Beef Cleveland OhioIMG_3429




I describe our packed to the rooftop with toppings burgers as “squish and eat.” Is that how you eat this??? Just wow!


Usual pre-hike snacks from Tokyo Central.


Is the review on the life changing Rainforest Cafe forthcoming? :heart_eyes:


Impressive photo - I’m counting 9 eating stores in that one shot


What a GREAT photo! I’d love to know where that is. Please?


Las Vegas Miracle Mile.


I honestly think I’d print that and pop in a little frame. Sit on your desk or hang on the kitchen wall. It’s great :slight_smile:


As a reminder which restaurants not to visit ?


I just think it’s so entertaining, actually bordering on hilarious!


Why ? (It’s more depressing as it shows what a large majority of Americans who don’t live in the “right” city with many, diverse independent restaurants see as their regular restaurant rotation)


I’ve not visited LV in probably close to 20 years so I don’t know what about what. But I find it hard to believe that they don’t have reasonably priced, locally owned places to eat. Mexican? Pizza? Whatever. We travel a good bit, generally twice a year internationally. I find American tourists to not as a huge group be terribly adventuresome when it comes to food. They want their familiar chains. I have to remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with not focusing on the local food. We were in a group in SE Asia a few years ago and one of the men wouldn’t eat ANYTHING ‘local,’ even passing up a wonderful dinner at a Thai woman’s house. You can imagine his reaction when we were tasting some local rat that had been grilled on the side of the road! Anyway, my two cents :slight_smile:


Completely disagree - either one is willing to explore another country (culture, food, nature etc) or shouldn’t go at all.


Well, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. I guess when you go to a museum you explore ALL the different areas even the types you loathe. So be it.

Actually maybe you should start a thread about this. I think the replies would be interesting. I know that I had to do some soul searching on this subject to change how I thought.