Random thoughts


I love a good Paloma…especially on a hot day. My current favorite can be found at Amor Y Tacos in Cerritos. Bizarra Capital makes a solid one, too.


I think I prefer Hydrox over Oreos


:slight_smile: What did you think was in it?


Very under rated drink IMO. I like to drink it at El Carmen


You have probably seen this, but just in case, https://www.seriouseats.com/2017/08/history-of-oreos-bravetart-cookbook.html


The Whole Foods “365” version of Oreo/Hydrox is better than either IMO, and much like what Hydrox used to be in the sixties, before Sunshine started screwing around with the recipe.


Giro’s are pretty good too.


Did you know that ciabatta bread was invented in 1982? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ciabatta

I figured it had been around since the dawn of Italian time. But no. It’s the same age as ET!


What did Italians do for bruschetta prior to 1982? This is :bomb::astonished::bomb:


" Cavallari and other bakers in Italy were concerned by the popularity of sandwiches made from baguettes imported from France, which were endangering their businesses and so set about trying to create an Italian alternative with which to make sandwiches"


Now I want to know what prompted you to look this up?!? :slight_smile:


Was watching Iron Chef, and Sir Alton Brown mentioned that it was from the '80s. It sounded bizarre, so I looked it up. And sure nuff…


:slight_smile: I always figure if I have a piece of trivia buzzing around in my brain that it likely came from NPR!


I would love to hear from the natives living in Italy about there thoughts of ciabatta. Do they love it or hate it ?


I have a possibly stupid question… I ordered some braised lamb noodle soup from a new Shanghainese place in Torrance, and in the soup were these date-like fruits. They were sweet and tasted similar to dates, but had a smooth shiny exterior and were purple-ish in color. What are they? I’ve never had them in lamb noodle soup before.




Jujube, which technically are dates.


That’s it! Thanks. Are jujubes traditionally used in lamb noodle soup?


Little known fact, they’re actually the candy. They pick the black ones out and use them in soup. True story!


I just read @Chowseeker1999’s latest report about E.A.K on Melrose and came across “overly salty” for the umpteenth time on FTC. So, I wrote a reply but thought it might be best on another thread. :relaxed: It’s not technically a random thought, it’s an invasive thought.

Here it goes:

I’m sick of this! WTH is going on with chefs? Tongue blindness? Laziness? Don’t give a shit kitchen workers? Ramen and Soup, in general, are the biggest offenders - salt is a must or it tastes like dishwater, but oversalting or reducing too long is a common problem with broths. But it’s across the board at all types of restaurants lately!!!

This frustration has made me start cooking again, not as well, but I’m not giving my family high blood pressure for the sake of dining out!.. She says as she posts her latest dining experience. :wink: But we’ve definitely slowed our roll lately.

Thank you. I needed to get this off my chest. I’ve been spending a good amount of time messaging my favorite restaurants or new restaurants, to give them a chance before going social media on them, but it’s coming…

Apologies, now carry on…