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Bruv, what a glorious day and weekend. I’m in my kit top for 3rd day straight. Celebrated by being at a housewarming in Laguna then a massive birthday party for my dad’s 65 and bro in law’s 40

Visual aids

Wenger IN


thank you for the kind wishes. i will put a little extra into the kitty for the gofundme campaign to buy
your gaffer some anti perspirant or maybe a quality undershirt.


Dang, man. Just seeing this. Your feasts always look the best.



i will mfappe for days!


if mbappe goes to the gunners i’ll…wait, keep it clean…um, give you a giant gift card from old gyumri.


armenian meetup if mbappe is signed


who’s buying the drinks if mufc sign ronaldo?
release clause is reportedly, no joke, one billion euro.


hahaha… wow. I’m not buying shit if they get him… but it’s going to be fun to watch.


[quote=“paranoidgarliclover, post:10, topic:5680”]
a group of men 2 tables over that totally looked like they had stepped out of a movie about the Italian mafia (esp the young, leanly muscular, and hungry-looking one wearing a wifebeater). Cool!
[/quote]Did he have waxed eyebrows?


[quote=“nosh, post:14, topic:5680”]
That’s what makes stir-fry cooking at home problematic. Very few home burners have the power to provide enough heat. So the solution for the home cook is to switch to a heavy cast iron or much thicker and heavier wok that you can leave on the burner to heat up and then retain more heat. This helps, but is a compromise.
[/quote]This, I just… I just couldn’t agree more. Not as sexy as a wok, but hey…


Reminds of the friend who broke the latch on her oven so she could run it on the self cleaning setting and use it to cook her pizza at an insanely high (and proper) temperature.


Oh! :smile: Yes, we do irrational sh_ _ when we’re in the zone.


Er… no. :wink:


Does anyone else have that one friend who, when you go out to eat, they spend the whole time talking about what they will eat for their next meal? Or the wonderful things they are going to do with the leftovers, as you’re eating.


You just described me and my entire family.


Guess we won’t be breaking bread anytime soon.

It’s okay. I’ll use the leftover bread for croutons.


Anyone been here?


The ramen broth: am I supposed to drink all of it? Is it weird that I do? I ask this b/c the person who cuts my hair (born and raised in Japan) mentioned that she doesn’t drink much of the ramen broth and that she doesn’t think most people Japan do, either. And this was such a catastrophic change in perception that I virtually went silent for the rest of my appt w/ her b/c of the deep shame and horror I felt about doing something that was out of the norm.



I drink all of it, but I’m not Japanese. It’s my favorite part. I don’t even finish all of the noodles most of the time. I’ve even considered asking if I can just have a bowl of broth without noodles, but figured that would be weird.


Ehh, no one is judging you. If you like the broth, finish the broth.