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The broth is the best part. I usually ask for half noodle. Besides, this is America. Immigrants are used to us being weird with their food. :wink:



@paranoidgarliclover - Even Japanese people don’t always want noodles. (At 17 seconds.)
Midnight Diner

Everyone thinks she is very clever. (S1 E1). :ramen:


Love it! :smiley:

BTW, I missed the whole conversation (or part of conversation) about Midnight Diner. Do people like it? (the trailer looks fantastic) Are there mulitple seasons? I’m so confused!


The El Segundo Shake Shack opened today!


This is more of a random question. I don’t particularly like sweets, especially sweets served after a full meal. Having only experienced tasting menus as a guest, I wonder if I were to make a reservation, would it be acceptable to say, “No desserts, please”? So many tasting menus seem to include multiple sweets at the end, sometimes five courses out of fifteen.


I don’t see why not. There’s always the option of gracefully declining dessert at the end of the entrees, using the excuse that you’re already full.


It depends. Always ok to ask, but what kind of response will vary on the restaurant.


Anzutei in Gardena has closed. Now where am I supposed to get good tantanmen in the South Bay? :sob:


Hi @thechez5,

Oh no! :frowning: Very sad. I think when they moved from Downtown it really suffered (location / foot traffic wise). Their final location was so hidden.


they should open up in Palmdale. Only 1 ramen joint out here. I can be their best customer.


i lived in a crappy apartment about a five minute walk from pastina for three years. never ate there but somehow it feels nice to know they’re still there.




I’ve been horribly sick the last few days w/ what I think is the flu, and, during that time, looking at all the food pics made me totally nauseous. But today, I saw some pics of sushi, and I thought, “That looks awfully good.” And then I felt happy b/c that means that I must be recovering. :slight_smile:


Hope you feel better @paranoidgarliclover. I got hit with the flu going around as well. :frowning:


Hope you feel better, too, @Chowseeker1999! Rest up!


It’s now available for delivery via Post Mates… Highway to the danger zone.


We went Thanksgiving weekend on Saturday. It was early evening and about a 20-minute wait in line. About another 10 to 15 minutes to get our food. It was good - not great. And for the price, that’s in the realm of full-service. And what service there was, either they’re still trying catch their rhythm, it is what it is.


Probably a stupid question, but is corn in ramen an American thing or is it common in Japan? I haven’t been to Japan since I was a child, so I don’t really remember much. I tried Googling but nothing really came up. Thanks.


It’s popular in Hokkaido (often with miso broth and butter). Hokkaido corn can be exceptionally sweet.