Random thoughts


Aah, got it. Thank you!!


Corn has a certain property that magnifies umami. Anything that does that is a slam dunk in Japanese cuisine.


So, um, are you treating us to an Armenian feast to celebrate Arsenal’s first Armenian player???


oh wow… we should probably do this meetup… though i’m treating nobody. our places are famously casual too

we got


New signage up for The Phovorite Vietnamese Kitchen in the plaza on the SE corner of Venice and Clarington, home to Emily Grill, Juquila, Mama’s Indian Kitchen, and others.

Internet sleuthing traces this to back to one of the people involved in The Room Sushi Bar (locations on Pico and Westwood).


I woke up craving king cake. The real one, yeasty and light, decorated with purple and green sugar all over the top. And chicory coffee.


Random thought #2 this morning: Not enough food emojis.


Why aren’t pizza places open for breakfast?

I have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t think pizza is a great breakfast, but we have to rely on the leftovers in our fridge in the morning. We can do better, America.


Not strictly pizza place but Little Dom’s in Los Feliz has a breakfast pizza


Breakfast pizza = whatever pizza I have in the fridge with a fried egg on top.


jon & vinny’s


The Delicious Pizza in West Adams has a lovely brunch menu in addition to several varieties of Breakfast Pizzas. Love their Ricotta Pancakes.


I hear that.
Most bakeries in Rome offer Roman pizza in the AM.
Our bakeries mostly offer dessert. Meh.


True that many times I did the same with a Costco Combo Pizza with a fried egg.


Gjusta/Gjelina have their “flatbreads” AND almost always come with an egg on each slice. They’re pizzas to me, but I can be vague and even flat out wrong about terms and descriptions - often. I used to call Torrance Hawthorne and vise versa. Stupid Hawthorne Blvd…


F[quote=“PorkyBelly, post:73, topic:5680”]
jon & vinny’s

I thought of them at the same time! I called and was able to get a pizza at 9:30 a.m. How great is that?!


Whoever made this must’ve had one too many espressos this morning. There was way too much Parmesan. Salty as heck, and oily, and I felt like a cow trying to masticate the kale. And I did not get an egg? But the crust was great as always. Next time I will simply stick to one of the tried and true simpler pizzas.

Now if only Lodge Bread would make pizza for breakfast…


This was me and my girls’ breakfast of Champions this past President’s Day - Angelini Alimentari. You can get these dishes starting at 8 freekin am! https://www.angelinialimentari.com/


While I might get admonished for this, Lazy Dog has a pretty good breakfast pizza for brunch on weekends. It’s got cheese, bacon, and 3 eggs cracked on top before they send it into the oven. It’s actually my favorite item there.


Great recommendation, thank you. Pasta for breakfast is, in my opinion, another severely underutilized option. :slight_smile:


This probably should go on the confessions board, but I enjoy their pot roast dip. Now that my son is older and his taste in burgers has evolved, we don’t do the LD much anymore. It used to be his favorite.