Random thoughts


Not really helpful to you now but Big Sur Bakery has a really good breakfast pizza, in case you ever go up there. :slight_smile:


On the back of a motorcycle down Hwy 1, through billowing clouds of fog that lifted only briefly enough to let us see the waves crashing into the rocks below the curving roads that were built into cliffs high above the sea.

I whisper to the driver, “We are already dead, aren’t we? In hell, doomed to ride this road forever?”


Is Lazy Dog supposed to be horrid? Why would you get admonished?


Because it’s a chain where most menu items are not noteworthy and is primarily for neighborhoods swarmed by other chains.


McD’s gets enough play around here that I think you’re okay… :wink:


I wish (more?) places offered soup for breakfast.


Milo & Olive makes a breakfast pizza with rosemary cream, available only for breakfast.

And if will consider a Tlayuda a “Mexican pizza” then Tlayuda L.A. is calling for you.


I’d never heard of Rosa Brothers Milk Company before but after seeing some of their products in a little market in the middle of the desert in Lancaster, I had to try the strawberry milk because I love that stuff. It was delicious. Rich and creamy, and not too sweet. Also not “chalky” like lots of other strawberry milks. Anyone try their other products?


Chocolate milk is decent too. Brougiere’s still my favorite, tho…


What market?


Broguiere’s is great for sure.

Wee Vill Market on Ave D.


I’m not knocking Broguiere’s but oftentimes I feel like I’d rather just have ice cream.


Brougiere chocolate milk should be renamed chocolate shake.

I use this as base for my hot chocolate, and add some semi-molten Leonidas chocolate shavings (sourced from relatives in Brussels) as it slowly heats in a pot over low heat. Really good on a cold morning…


Really? I can see where they might have been going for cute, but I read that as “Weevil Market” and that’s not a terribly pleasant association.


Well, I like to melt my ice cream into liquid in the microwave so…

Maybe that should go in the confessions thread.


Hah. I thought the same, but it’s a good little market and cafe with nice people so that makes up for the name I guess.


I tried their egg nog by accident this year- it was in the Brougieres spot. Not bad.


Their chocolate milk is first rate. The egg nog is really good but different from Brourgiere’s. I think most would prefer Rosa’s as I’d describe it as “normal” egg nog done better.


Bristol Farms carries their line of milk products too.


They carry this line at my local Grocery Outlet (Davis, CA). Not sure what Southern CA G.O.s might stock Rosa Brothers.