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You’re in Davis? I loved that town, I went last year to visit the UC. So many pretty cows. And nice people!


Yep! I moved to Davis from L.A. 4+ years ago for grad school. I try to get back to L.A. when I can (last year I was there for 6 months). In the meantime, I live vicariously/deliciously through the FTC board. I definitely miss the L.A. food landscape! I’m still getting to know my local culinary surroundings up here (and on a student’s budget! :sweat_smile:)


Stater Bros. had the eggnog- haven’t looked for the other flavors.


Sprouts recently started carrying both the Broguiere and the Straus version. I bought both and haven’t had time to do a side-by-side tasting.


How’s the food situation up there these days? I think I probably had 100 super burritos from guad’s in my day…


I’ve done it. Brougiere’s beats Straus in taste, whereas Straus barely edges out Brougiere’s in creaminess.


That’s 100 more than I’ve had! Is it worth trying at least once?

If I had to pick one word to describe the Davis food scene, it would be mediocre. Variety is slowly increasing, perhaps corresponding to the large percentage of international students attending UC Davis, but quality is slow to catch up.

I go to Woodland when I’m craving Mexican food, and I need to explore more of Sacramento’s foodscape. I’ve bookmarked several Vietnamese restaurants in Sac to try, but I don’t get there as often as I’d like.


Yeah it’s worth it. I actually think it’s pretty good, but again, it’s been years and I might be having rose-colored memories.


Brougiere’s was like a melted chocolate milkshake to me. Super rich and creamy…more chocolate-y, too. I really enjoyed how not too sweet Straus was…I could probably have that as a dessert on lazy nights and be just fine.


Leo’s has had a truck in Wilmington, which is much closer to me, for the last 4 months and I only learned of this right now. :expressionless:


Backstory and then question…

I knew that Kotoya had opened a new location but didn’t realize the old one had closed on 03/19. So @SpockSpork and I go to Kotoya on SaMo Blvd. yesteday, only to discovered that Kotoya was no longer there. However, the old step up still exists, and there appeared to be some sort of eating going on in there, and the counter was full of people. A chef-type person rushed over to lock the door right b/f we were going to enter (which I was was coincidental… or not).

Any idea what was going on in there?

As an aside, the Kotoya on National (I think that’s where it was) is WAAAAY better than the last few bowl of ramen we had at the original location. Yay. :slight_smile:


Menu dev for a new ramen restaurant would be my guess.


Is this the one on National Blvd. (next to the wet burrito place) with ramen bowls with lots of raw onion and raw cabbage? Because I was there twice a few months after they opened and was not impressed. Weak broth, noodles were okay, but the overall bowl was not to my taste at all. Plus the woman running the place was an unpleasant person.

Has this changed?


I’ve only been to the National location once (10422 National Blvd, 90034).

I think it’s next to a Mexican restaurant. Don’t recall if the Mexican place specialized in wet burritos.

There was a fair amount of cabbage, but it was (lightly) cooked. Don’t recall raw onions (or onions) at all. Do you mean the hostess/waitress? The person behind the counter was a man. Hostess had the personality of a wet towel but was not unpleasant.


I want to know WTF thought these were a good idea…


@OCSteve I LOLed when I saw the photo. I guess you have to REALLY like cinnamon rolls if you want to wear them as earrings.


I have a lot of thoughts here but I’m not going to get caught up in the #MeToo movement.


Come again?


I see what you did there.


Anyone been to Baran’s 2239 in Hermosa Beach? Any good?