Random thoughts


Yes, I really like it.

Focaccia, jerk chicken, black kale salad, and the gnocchi nero (with king crab) are all good. People rave about the Indian Egg (their twisted take on a Scotch Egg), but it just didn’t move me. I’m ambivalent about their take on fried chicken; it’s smoked first, then fried, and then drenched in a soy gastrique coating. If I’m in the mood, it’s a treat; otherwise it’s just sort of weird Korean fried chicken served in a hipster, beach side pub in a strip mall.

Not a big fan of the desserts, however.

Also, if you’re down there, head over to Craiger’s, down the street on PCH, and get some fudge and a very good scoop of Vanilla ice cream.


Glad to hear that you like it, since I value your opinion. And thanks for the tip about the egg. Looking forward to checking them out soon.

I have been to Craiger’s and it’s very good. Really liked their English toffee fudge.


Why is food such a scarce commodity on the Walking Dead shows? There are container ships full of supplies at ports, there are Amazon warehouses and supermarket distribution points all over the place. It’s so stupid.


Where have you been all my life?


I used to think Yogurtland was better than Pinkberry. Wtf was I thinking


I wish the Hook Burger at Connie & Ted’s got more attention. It’s just consistently excellent.


Laurel or Yanny?

Team Laurel here

(and I have no friggin’ clue how anyone can come up with ‘Yanny’ out of that)…




Just as I have no friggjn’’ clue how anyone can come up with Laurel.


Team Both.


Team huh? :wink:


Ohmigod, is this what y’all are talking about???


I heard “Yanny.” And I think this is all a trick of the devil.


Apparently people hear Yanny on very poor sound quality. But it was proven to be Laurel.

BTW, #teamLaurel


Well, my wife and I were listening to it on a tv news show at the same time, from the same distance, and I heard Yanny while she swore to Laurel. News said it has something to do with ability to hear high vs. low frequencies. Also said young people tend to hear Yanny, but I’m pretty old.


Nah you’re not old… You’re Midlife!


I’ve had that handle for a long time. :roll_eyes:


I hear both at the same time. “Yanny” in a higher pitch and “Laurel” in a lower pitch.


I’m tellin’ ya - those darned Ruskis are messin’ with us again…:thinking:


Nice ear! That is impressive and you should consider music as a career option.


Fake sounds.

BTW Is Russkar on this board?