Random thoughts


Don’t know about Russkar. Did he escape Devil’s Island with the rest of us?




There are medications for that. :wink:


@TonyC spotting in Westways, the AAA magazine.


For @nemroz, my Central European cousin, ten times removed.



oh boy. currently enjoying the first one… we definitely fight over paying for things

this is just persian humor… are you associating me with eastern europe and all of middle east or wat :slight_smile: i’m armo/russian


Lol, simply because you like Persian rice. And one of my ancestral manses is practically next door to the Russe.


I can’t remember last time I had persian rice, where did you get that tidbit? i do like it… but i like all rice.


Hi @Helper_Monkey -

Random Thoughts seems like a good thread to discuss this.

I’m with you. I think it’s helpful to non-members as well as members to have restaurants on one thread as much as possible. But @Chowseeker1999 patiently explained to me a little of what @J_L wrote - people have their own style and own way of posting and that’s the nature of a board. And some, like @Nemroz don’t like overly long threads, so…

I do think they and a couple of others (you know who you are) should have their own threads for the same restaurant for the simple reason, yes, they do have their own cool style, but also because they lead the charge. They make the effort to research new places, go early and report back promptly. That is rarely me, so I prefer to post on their threads. I consider my posts companion pieces. :relaxed: Plus some might think my reports are strong enough to stand out in a crowd.

Anyway, Chowseeker is right, everyone should do it their own way. Except people who start a new thread everytime they themselves visit the same darn restaurant! Okay, ignore me, I welcome them too. :smirk:

Obviously I have a lot to say about this topic and was hoping someone would bring it up.

Happy eating and starting your own thread-ing!


One thread per restaurant is dumb.

FTC isn’t Yelp.


Well, we have to put up with you, so? I guess that’s the nature of a board.


Alright, Cookie, I’m going to piss off some people but it won’t be the first time. When there’s already a thread/post about a restaurant and someone starts their own, I honestly find it egotistical. Why is theirs SO special that it can’t be added to an existing one? I’m going to sleep now :slight_smile:


Well… then there’s that. :zipper_mouth_face:

Might be best. :sweat_smile:


Okay, that might not have come out right. I mean a single poster who starts a new thread for every meal they have at a single restaurant. But I’m trying to stop being bothered by that too. Live and let live…


Or… maybe they didn’t take the time to search before starting a new thread?? Just sayin’!


Then there’s that too…


I love egullet but that is one thing that annoys the heck out of. It is so hard to find the (often very good) information buried in a 23 page 800 post thread but yet the keep merging things together!


That’s the beauty of FTC - they let you do whatever you want even if it annoys the heck out some people.


I have to write L. O. L. !!!

I wonder if someone reported it if “they” would move it over to an existing thread.


Oh. Hell. Yes. I’m serious about sabich so I am here for this. I might actually even report my experience!