Random thoughts


you like lamb? was lucky enough to live around the area for a few years as a kid… and that lamb butt is unreal… wish i could have the real thing again.

uzbek plov with the sheep with the bubble butt (kurdyuk) is what i was used to having, here its’ just done with potato instead

minor graphic content (animal butchering)


Has anyone tried this? Looks fantastic.


Can someone please try the spam & egg burrito that’s currently on Guerrilla Tacos’ menu and post about it so I can live vicariously through you, since I can’t make it out there this week? :laughing:


I think The Onion is making fun of me.


Washington report? Maybe on Washington strawbs?


Nope. All strawberries, per the USDA. It’s official. We will be disappointed. :slight_smile:


Well there goes my summer. I’ll pass this on to Harry’s.

“USDA says your berries are gonna suck, so don’t even show your face around here.” :wink:


From a Yelp review of APL restaurant…

A few months ago, Arsene Wenger said “Bye Bye” after over 2 decades as the head coach of Arsenal FC. It broke my heart to hear is final speech. All I knew growing up was Mr. Wenger, so to hear him leave was devastating - it was as if a part of me died.

And yet, I would much rather listen to Wenger say he’s retiring - to live that painful moment again and again every single day for the rest of my life - than to ever come back to this sorry excuse for a restaurant.


no way!. that’s a riot

oh wait… I actually know Varant… he’s a homie


Too bad I can’t eat service.



anyone know where Jonathan Gold has been? It’s been almost a month since his last review, of Bavel, and though he has a couple of short pieces in the LA times dated after that, he hasn’t posted on instagram or twitter since early June. I seem to remember that even when he was traveling, he’d post something, even if it was snarky. Hope he’s ok…


Probably waiting for us on this board to discover the next “it” place for him…


I understand he’s taking part in a move to El Segundo :wink: Moving is an exhausting and time consuming experience.


I have the best weather app.


When we lived in snow country, we continued to use our grill. I’ve never understand their being a particular “season.”


Me too. You’re the coolest chick. Thanks.


I like the way it tells us what’s on the menu for the day. :slight_smile:


I had my first Guad’s burrito last night. Tried the supreme al pastor (meat, Mexican rice, black beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo). A greasy gut bomb, but quite satisfying (probably because of that :joy:). Complimentary chips and salsa bar, with a nice selection of flavorful salsas that varied in heat. Tamarindo to drink. Friendly service and well air conditioned dining area.


Ah, now we know :frowning:


Today I learned that a Paloma is made with tequila.