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Devra First reviews:

Tasting Counter
14 Tyler St
Somerville, MA 02143
(617) 299-6362

“People talk a lot about the state of fine dining — it’s dead, it’s not dead, it’s the same old thing without tablecloths, it’s a lesser thing for the same old money. What is sure is that the model is evolving. The future could look a lot like Tasting Counter.”


Sounds interesting. Any real experience? While I have no problem with the price tag, the “secret menu” at that price tag is a little off putting. One of the best meals like that recently was at Just Right Farm. Amazing! But you were given the menu a few days in advance. We have a few severe allergies and a couple of aversions in the seafood family so would hate to get there and find a dumb downed version of the real offerings.


not a review, i don’t think, but was in shephard in cambridge the other night and they were filming for chronicle.


Devra First reviews:

484 Moody St
Waltham, MA 02453
(781) 996-5070

“In another city, Amuleto would feel less remarkable. We still have just a handful of good Mexican restaurants here, and we continue to wait for the place that successfully combines fine dining and the country’s rich culinary tradition. Amuleto’s name means “amulet” or “talisman,” and a little cosmic good fortune never hurts. But with warm hospitality and good taste, Amuleto is making its own luck.”


11 of 11 Yelp reviews for Tasting Counter are 5 stars so far (I gather the other older reviews are for the chef’s previous underground restaurant). Sounds promising…