Republique: Perfect Pasta


Thanks for the report back @Aesthete. Pricing seems a bit high as you said, but I think if you got a 2nd or 3rd person, the price per person would drop down, even as you add more dishes for the extra diner(s). My visits at dinner weren’t $200 pp, but then again it’s been a year since I’ve been back at dinner.

I must try the pastas. :slight_smile: Good luck on your surgery!


I always end up spending > $75pp @ Repulique. Those $13 cocktails add up real quick.


Getting checked in at Cedar’s Sinai, and reminiscing haha

I think that the pricing can have huge swings at Republique. For example, if you had another person, and you ordered the cassoulet instead of the Tournedos Rossini, that would be $38 versus $95, but there was probably more food in the cassoulet from what I observed. That would have made the meal closer to $75/person. But you’d probably get a dessert or something in that case and ramp the cost up a bit.

The last time I was at Republique before this we spent like $250 for two people on food. It has some really wide swings.

You could go there with a small appetite and get a pasta, some beignets, and a dessert and get out for like $50. I guess that is true of most restaurants though.

Thanks for the well-wishes! Hopefully I can bribe someone into delivering stuff while I’m in the hospital. AOC is literally across the street after all!


Echoing sentiments and well wishes for a smooth surgical experience.

Food-wise, avoid The District by Hannah An. But DO try the casual Italian from Cafe Angelino across the street from The District - Great thin pizzas.


Yeah wishing a smooth operation and easy recovery.


I hope all goes well and have a quick recovery. If you’re as ornery on the table as you are here, you’ll be back at it in no time! Remember: the sooner you heal, the sooner you will leave behind that hospital food.


I would pay a dollar to read Bacoman’s review of hospital food.


My fear is that he’ll actually find some otherworldly food during his post-operative convalescence, and the only way we will get to also eat that dish is to get admitted to Cedars ourselves. (But of course, delicious as it may be, the vaunted QPR ratio would be atrocious.) :slightly_smiling:


For some reason, I imagine that Cedars would have really good available… perhaps for a price. ::sigh:: And Aesthete could always try the Amazon Prime delivery route! :wink:


Trust me: Cedars’ hospital food is still just hospital food. (Unless you’re on 8th floor, in which case it’s hospital food which doesn’t sound like hospital food on the menu.)


I am on the 8th floor! haha

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone!

I have people that will bring me food.

Last time I was in the hospital I had to miss a night at LASA, so I convinced them to make be a care package and had someone deliver it to me lol

Nothing lifts the spirits and speeds recovery like good food IMO.

I will say that the basic hummus plate with veggies, while not sublime, was at least not horrific to eat the last night I was in.

Out of curiosity, is hopital food being bad a global thing? Or mainly a USA thing?


I had such high hopes for the District =(

I’m hoping tomorrow maybe I can get some Jon & Vinny’s.


Pasta remains fucking perfect at Republique. One of the most addictive plates of pasta I have had in a while, foie gras stuffed caramelle. I literally licked the plate clean.

The chicken was alright, a bit on the dry side for me…guess I’ve been spoiled by Hatchet Hall’s chicken. The mustard and chicken jus sauce soaked into the kale was MONEY though. Insanely addictive. But for $38, for some reason I feel like the chicken itself should be able to shine…I guess sauces are king in French cooking though right?

I like that you can end a meal with a simple single scoop of ice cream at Republique though, and their olive oil ice cream is lovely. A bit on the firm side, which I quite enjoy, but also pliant and extraordinarily creamy, almost semifreddo-esque. Olive oil perfectly captured in essence, quite lovely.

I had two half glasses of wine and a cocktail and spent $155 for a single person though…man, Republique has to be one of the highest ticket places in LA. I can see why it’s not quite as popular as other places, they really gouge the fuck out of you for the quality. But then again, they do employ FOUR sommeliers, so by my estimation they are probably losing money…lol


That chicken really is chicken for 2 though so it was more like $155 for 2 :wink:

I agree. Chicken was good, not great. Stick to the pastas.

Btw, how do you get 2 half glasses of wine? Did they do a mini pairing by the half glass?


Yeah, I guess so, but they don’t sell it that way. I did take some chicken home to be fair shrugs

But if I had someone else with me, we would’ve needed another pasta, and if we doubled up on alcohol the cost would’ve been easily $300++ The last time I ate at Republique I went all out (dinner right before my surgery so figured it might be my last meal lol) and spent $277 just on myself (but the Tournedous Rossini admittedly covered about $125 of that by itself).

And yeah, I asked them to pair wines with the pasta and the chicken, and they offered half glass options for both.

The last time I was there they poured me a glass of someone that was technically bottle-only with the Tournedous Rossini, so they are at least somewhat accommodating about wine. But it does cost a lot, noticeably more than other place. Half glasses cost the same as full glasses elsewhere. I guess that’s because they employ so many sommeliers and run them as like basic bartenders? I actually felt a bit bad when I asked for the somm, and the bartender said he was one of four at the place working the floor…


wait, is the chicken dish not a WHOLE chicken? Looks to be about half a chicken in the pic. I was under the impression that it would be one whole roasted chicken.


It is indeed a HALF chicken, not a whole one.




Having previously only been for breakfast, I’m so excited to be going next week for dinner. Seeing the prices, had to wait for a special occasion.

Seems like sticking with the pastas is really the way to go, eh?


and the desserts.