Thanks for the 411 @PorkyBelly ! All my foodie friends have either already tried Republique or it’s out of their price range unless i suggest brunch. If R is willing to do a solo tasting for me, that’ll prob be the only way I can get a range of dishes.

I’m guessing between Republique and Otium, you prefer R?


but have they tried the lobster pasta lately?

not even close, republique.


oh you have the kind of coworkers that dont let you try their food either? :slight_smile:


Fantastic post @PorkyBelly from beginning (love potato leak soup) to end!

République Wholegrain Bread & Other Stuff

Coinkydink… was working in the yard yesterday, came in for this snack and saw a shout-out from you on the thread. Thanks.

I still haven’t been inside République, but my husband has taken a shine to it and keeps bringing home little goodies. I can see why you’re traveling this way for the bread @Bookwich.

We’ve decided our next nice dinner will be there. No more excuses. It’s time…


Ignore them @catholiver. They’re teasing PorkyBelly while mocking me and you.


Oh, honey, I know. I just wish people would speak up rather than be namby-pamby :slight_smile:


Arbequina olive oil! I love that stuff. :).


yea… Ojai olive oil company has an awesome arbequina (as well as a great hidden trail going north west off their property)


It’s not on their site. Is it perhaps only something they sell when you’re physically there?


Guess so. It’s gorgeous up there so if this is the excuse to go, hope i can inspire lol. If you end up with just another olive oil, you’ll still have a nice time


So agree. Republique & Otium are like, not even in the same galaxy.


lol—I suppose they would if I asked, but we were all too busy eating and drinking wine after completing a pretty intense deadline/project. Plus I don’t know them well enough to stick my fork in their plate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

BTW—I’m finally starting to feel like I’m getting acclimated w/ my work load and deadline schedule (2 months in—oy) we should try to squeeze in a lunch sometime after this week.


farmer’s market is tomorrow… that’s pretty easy. off to ny after that


unfortunately I’m on deadline tomorrow, so I’ll be eating @ my desk…hit me up when you get back from NY and we’ll see if we can do a farmer’s market wed. in a couple of weeks


Ok @PorkyBelly you’ve convinced me i gotta finally go. Some of my foodie friends were fans of Bestia’s lobster/uni pasta before it was switched to dungeness crab. Maybe i can reel them into Republique w the lobster mafaldine or the lobster and uni spaghetti.


Enjoyed the mafaldine last night…man, that is something else. Easily the winner of the night.


Nice, have you (or anybody) tried the spaghetti with smoked eel yet?


Glad you asked

gioia burrata toast, zucchini pesto, roasted fat uncle farms almonds
soft, milky, light and cool

foie gras torchon toast, apricot, yuzu, sesame

hudson valley foie gras, murray farms cherries, braised watermelon radish
the sweet and tart cherries complemented the foie gras and cut through the richness like an asshole bimmer driver cuts through traffic on the 405.

spaghetti, imperial kaluga caviar, smoked eel
rich, smoky and creamy, really good but doesn’t top the lobster mafaldine.

brillat-savarin cheesecake, murray farms cherries, graham cracker ice cream
If you put fruit on your dessert it counts as a salad


Dropped by this morning to pick up some Father’s Day treats…and have breakfast. The wait at 10AM this morning was only about 25 minutes. We picked up an assorted batch of pastries, for both today and tomorrow. They didn’t have key lime pie, but they did have a passion fruit mango tart and avocado kalamansi tart. Will do a review of the pastries later when we eat them.
But for breakfast…
Lobster omelette - Maine lobster, Gruyere cheese, herbs, Hollandaise, and mixed greens

Avocado Hollandaise - bacon, micro greens, 63 degree egg, avocado, Hollandaise, pickled Fresno chiles


Thanks for the report, how was the lobster omelette?