Or just go across the street to the 2 butchers? What I am, made of time?


The denizens of FTC have inspired me to go to Republique, got rezzys this Friday for dinner.

Aside from the bread and normandy butter, the corn agnolotti, and the lobster mafaldine, what are some must have/can’t miss dishes?


Eggs on eggs is super popular…uni and eggs on toast. I actually need to go back to try that one.
We loved the duck when we went, and the white chocolate sabayon with strawberry sorbet was amazing…and wonderfully not as sweet as it sounded. I would suggest the pan drippings and butter with the bread…they can give both. If you’re going with a big enough crowd, the bread service is refillable…our server mentioned that to us when we came in…I was with my husband and our 3 teen-aged sons…they easily took down one baguette alone. Enjoy!


Mafaldine is not a must though it’s very good. $60 is really pushing it for any pasta with a bit of lobster and 3 uni :slight_smile: I think that ribeye cap should be ordered


the corn agnolotti is now butternut squash agnolotti but still worth ordering.
eggs on toast
foie gras
heirloom tomato salad




You don’t pay tax and tip? thought was $48 on menu. Ok $55 total not 60. It’s great don’t get me wrong, but not a must


I’ve never met anyone that gives a price including tax and tip for an item. If someone asks me how much something was, I go with the price on the menu.

Do you factor in possible health or other surcharges, gas to get to the restaurant, or Uber?

Just kidding, but not really.


haha. You do things your way, I quote the price paid. But I’m in finance and I have a need to be accurate with expenditures. I love Europe for that. VAT included price is listed, no tipping system.


If anything I think you were being hyperbolic 43=/=60. But I get it it seems that the lobster mafaldine is not worth the price paid.


Not trying to start anything- I love your posts. But pretty much everyone quotes prices pre tax and tip, especially because tipping can be such a variable. Since there are many more readers here than posters, it’s kind of misleading to say a dish is $55 or $60 when it’s not.


meh, I’m w/ Nemroz here. If we assume nobody on FTC is an asshole, then we can also assume the price is going to be in the ballpark of (menu + 9.5% + 18%). So $43 ends up $55.83.

goddamn finance people.


i thought it was 48 so that would be 60. 43 is 55


Oh it’s all good sis/bro. Argue away :slight_smile:


And République has a mandatory 4% supplemental


Did you have to order this in advance? How big was it? Do you remember the price? Looks great, thanks.


The duck was on the regular menu and so I don’t think you need to order in advance. But on that particular Sunday at 6pm they only had one “left” for the night, so if you must have it, might want to call ahead.

$130. Each of the six people in my group got the portion you see in my pictures above.


$43 =$57.57 after 4% service charge, 9.5% sales tax, and 20% tip on the original amount before surcharge and tax.


Thanks for all the recommendations. Our party ended up having: bread butter pan drippings, eggs on toast, foie gras, octopus, squash angolotti, lobster mafaldine, porcini tagliatelle, ribeye cap, and roasted chicken. Dessert was brown butter cake.

Highlights were the mafaldine, bread and butter, and the octopus which was a complete surprise I think it was their take on goi.

Including tax and tip damage was 770 for six ppl. Definitely pricey but we really enjoyed our visit will be back.


Glad you enjoyed your experience!