Rice Cooker


On rationale for buying expensive cookware etc. I was listening to Jacques Pepin talking about making a perfect roast chicken. He was talking about all of the elements that go into producing the perfect bird. One item he mentioned was having the right pan/roaster. He said that if you use a thin light weight pan/roaster the juices-drippings will evaporate and you won’t have any to make a pan sauce. Carrying that over to rice I speculate that a thin light weight pan would allow the water to evaporate before the rice is cooked. I say speculate because I’ve not attempted to cook rice in such a pan.


On the chicken roasting comment, I use an old Lodge CI skillet. Not expensive. But it’s the right tool for the job.


Well, long story short, it’s touting the precision of the ironware, which will guarantee a delicious meal.