Roasted Pork Belly, Crispy Roast Duck, BBQ Pork - A Hong Kong BBQ Journey. [BONUS: Amazing Crackling Roasted Suckling Pig!] - Ruby BBQ, Ho Kee, Hop Woo, Sam Woo, New Duong Son BBQ, Lien Hoa BBQ, Noodle Boy, Monterey Palace [Thoughts + Pics]


Hi @Ns1,

So glad you liked Ruby BBQ! :slight_smile: I need to go back soon.


Went to ruby today and bought 1lb of crispy pork which was glorious and delicious. The cut was definitely of the pork belly variety.




I need some of that Ruby BBQ in my life!!!

Still think Ming Kee in SF is the best


Planning to try Ruby tomorrow for lunch. Can’t wait!


I was there on Super Bowl Sunday, it seemed like it was more of a takeout kinda joint. No one was eating at a table and the people in there were all just placing to go orders.

i dont know if this was normal or not


Yeah I went there last Saturday got a lb of roast pork to go and no one was sitting inside, so I ate a couple pieces in the car and went on my way


Hi @Hungrydrunk,

Do you mean at Ruby? The 4 times we went there, we ate at the restaurant (there are enough tables). And it was always ~50% - 90% full. Definitely better to eat and enjoy there if you can. :wink:


yes, this was at Ruby. Maybe they do lunch on weekdays only?


i might see you there. haven’t decided where we’re going for lunch. we might do dolan’s uyghur but not with fewer than four (4).


Thanks @Hungrydrunk. Interesting. We went during the weekend (for our 4 visits).


been to Ruby’s twice, both times it was completely deserted. At 3pm or so the staff eats family meal in the main dining room per usual custom.

They didn’t bother getting up to help either time, so it seems like the kinda place where you just need to act like you know what you’re doing (ie sit down and ask for a menu or something even if it’s deserted, if you want to eat there).


A Chinese BBQ place that only offers siu yuk, chicken, and roasted duck?! Not even char siu…we were the lone diners there.

Typical veggie soup - Freebie

Siu Yuk

Super crispy skin with tender, flavorful porky goodness

Roasted Duck

Juicy with skin that has a slight crisp…I do feel that these aren’t as flavorful as the ones I’m used to…perhaps a bit under seasoned?

Stir-fried garlic dau miu / pea shoots - homey goodness

Rice - Freebie


It ain’t a Chinese meal without some greens.

That siu yuk has been calling me this past week. I been eye banging Ruby BBQ’s roast pork and Sea Harbour’s steamed rock cod. Both I might add are New Years dishes so I think a bang bang is in order


I do think they do their siu yuk better than roast duck


you were in the party of four who first came in around noon, then left? that was me sitting inside the door.


No. We were a party of 2.


Nice report @moonboy403. Glad you liked the Roasted Pork Belly. :slight_smile: Love that crispy skin and tender Pork.

Yah, definitely their Roasted Pork Belly is better than the Roasted Duck, but in general we haven’t found any places around here that have a nice crisped skin HK Roast Duck.


…you and your GF… you said something about making sure you ordered the duck before you ordered?


I really don’t remember, but I did see one person sitting by the door when I arrived, seemingly waiting for his to-go order? Was that you?