Roberta's Pizza: A Pictorial Essay


They have a version of the bee sting at the Doughroom in Palms that’s very good. Nice heat and you can get extra hot honey or Calabrian paste on the side. Was going to go to Roberta’s last night but opted for Doughroom - their cauliflower fritti was calling to me.


Having read this post earlier in the day, maybe it was just in my mind as soon as I saw bee pollen on the Pitfire menu. And you’re right, they’re pretty different other than the honey component.

Thought the Honey Bear was much better than the other options we had at the table. Sweet, a bit of salty from the sausage, and spicy from the chiles. Decent, though their pizza is a touch too doughy for me.


Enjoyed the little gems salad and the dry aged duck.


Finally dropped by Culver City after wasting my life away at Universal!

Braised Oxtail | horseradish and celery with gremolota breadcrumbs
Textbook stuff. The tomato based sauce got the right amount of brightness to counter the richness of the oxtail. :drooling_face:

Bee Sting | tomato, soppressata, mozzarella with chili oil, honey and basil
I really enjoyed this since everything worked well together. Most notably, however, you’re hit with sweetness from the honey up front which is then quickly tempered by an intense spicy kick from the chili oil. My only complaint is the lack of crunch in any part of the crust.

Undercarriage shot

Dry Age Half Duck | chanterelles and grilled spigarello
An incredibly generous portion is given for $26! However, I wouldn’t order this again.

Temperature of the duck is spot on. Flavor was decent, if not basic, without any sauce.

The dish was incredibly heavy since fat wasn’t rendered properly and the skin was really tough and chewy without any hint of crisp.