Rodney Scott 'Que in NYC, June 9


Eagerly awaiting the arrival of this event


Unfortunately, we’ll be out of town. As someone who’s gone to these for many years, I just love the fact that there are places in NYC that are now good enough to be included. Although, if I was there this year, I’d use my time getting to the places that I don’t usually have a chance to sample, anyone coming from out of town would do well to look carefully at what Hometown, Dinosaur and the other locals have to offer.
As an aside to Sgee (and anyone else interested): do you know Fletcher’s in Gowanus? If not, I recommend checking it out.


@SteveR Thanks for the Fletcher’s rec, will check it out.

I was at the recent brisket king competition in Williamsburg, to be honest most of the offerings (NY/NJ based) were quite disappointing. The only one I really enjoyed was Cherry Street BBQ, smoked everyone else by a mile. I was sooooooooooooo disappointed when I found out they hail from Toronto. Consolation was lots of booze to sample.