Rome trip recap


Why not take a break from all that pasta by having a lil pizza?


Thanks for this list - thats a lot of pizza in 1 day. Will definitely hit up Emma and at least 1 other place in Rome. I have one pizza place in Florence on my list as well.

I plan on eating gelato daily, maybe twice per day. Think if I can mix it up between fruit flavors and choc/pistachio/cream based flavors I’ll be ok in this department.


Sounds like a great plan. Godspeed.

The pizza cacio e pepe at Tondo looks choiceeee.


Katie Parla’s pizza crawl seems more about highlighting the diversity of styles available than finding the best Roman-style pizza.

Bonci (formerly Pizzarium) is my pick of the pizza-a-taglio lunch places, Da Remo for individual-pie thin crust dinner pizza.

Rather than going to the same place twice, why not La Gensola?


Was thinking about Perilli or Armando al Pantheon as options if we go to a restaurant. Tempio de Iside was high on the list based on Porthos recommendation and my wife’s love of all things from the ocean.

Is there a nice place/park close to the St Regis not too crowded to sit outside where we can just picnic with cheese, meats, bread and wine? It’s our last night so we may just want to have something more relaxed.


La Gensola is good when you want something other than pasta. Perilli, you want the carbonara.




One of our finer meals of the entire trip. Sorry but I forgot to take photos. Our reservation was ay 8pm but 9:45 when we left the entire place was full. There were even some people eating at the coffee/lounge tables to the right of the hostess stand.

The gamberi were the best shrimp we’ve eaten. There were 3 choices and we had 2 of each - red gamberi, smaller ones which went by a different name and gamberi scampi style. Each was raw and they all had an absurd amount of roe. The small gamberi had a fluorescent blue type of roe. It was so bright I honestly thought it might have been some type of radioactive by product. Sweet, soft, briny and fantastic as described.

The sea truffle were basically clams. A little larger than the ones we’d eat raw in the US but excellent with a squirt of lemon. The oysters (Belon and some other Mediterranean variety) were salty. Too briny and much larger than the West Coast varieties we generally enjoy.

The linguini with whole crab (was it hairy crab?) was excellent. It was definitely a lot of work but delicious. The sauce was delicate and paired perfectly with the sweet crab. I wish they’d given some of the crab a half crack kinda like Newport Seafood but I know they might have accidentally put some shell into the dish. The only gripe was the amount of work to get all the crab out but a great pasta dish.

We’ll definitely return on our next trip and recommended to everybody.


Glad you liked it. Did you sit downstairs or upstairs? Was it just me or did you notice a lot of older gentlemen with younger ladies?

I try not to speak too much of the place since they are obviously trying to keep it local and because it would be ruined by an influx of tourists.

Love the brininess on those belons.


We sat upstairs but in the back room. There was a huge table of about 25 Italians next to us. I did notice a older man with a younger lady near us. They ordered a beautiful whole fish which they brought out then filleted.

Does very much seem like a true place for locals. Thanks for the tip.


Somebody did their homework, either that or they just grabbed a list of the restaurants you guys (Robert & Porthos) suggested on these Rome threads.


They didn’t mention my two favorite places, or steer people to Emma rather than Roscioli for sit-down meals.


Was it Perilla? I didn’t get a chance to go there.

They did have a lot of overlap with the list I made off old CH boards and the newer Rome posts you added in the last 6 months.


To be fair, Katie Parla has always been the go to for Rome recs.

A good part of my Rome research have been through her site.

She used to not like Tempio di Iside though.


My only problem with her blog was that there was almost too many recommendations. It was hard to narrow down b/c she had so many suggestions.


Perilli’s one of my favorites, though I’m not 100% comfortable recommending it to people who don’t speak Italian.


oh my god