Rosaliné - WeHo


That was a good one.


I feel as if Ms. Rodell and I might have gone to two different places.






Maybe Rosaliné is trying too hard. It’s hard to give diners something different but still comforting enough that they want to come again and again à la Animal.


We had the uni and scallops and loved it. Same with the beef heart. Fun place. Very loud.


Hopefully they hit their stride soon. Been wanting to try to place but the reviews have been pretty mixed/not good.


I thought this was the same restaurant. I remember thinking “I don’t remember it being a Latin restaurant”


I think it is coincidence. Rosline did not look or feel at all like Commissary in my opinion, I liked Commissary the one time I went. Really liked Rosaline and everyone I know who has gone has been very happy there; although virtually all comment on the noise level.


Caption under the L.A. Weekly photo reads - “The back half of Rosaliné’s dining room is a glass-roofed greenhouse.” Maybe they used the same designer as Commissary.


Maybe. Or they built a greenhouse roof.


The use of coconut fiber hanging planters and the overhead industrial tubes look similar. I’m not knocking it, just making an observation.