Rosaline's Chaufa Paella - FANTASTIC! A top 10 bite of 2017 for me


Last night I got to try the wonderful Chaufa Paella (peruvian fried rice paella-style, pancetta, la chang sausage, bagoong, prawns) @ Rosaline and was blown away.

I would not call it a traditional paella at all but it is a traditional Chaufa, and it is damn good eating. The rice was crispy and soft in equal parts, though not charred.
The shrimp were large and scrumptious (perfectly cooked), and played well with the pancetta and Chinese sausage. Lots of great herbs and spices.
Loved every bite.

Photo Copied from Yelp


Did it have the socarrat like traditional paella?


No. Something similar but not the same. That’s what I was getting at by saying it’s not a true paella. But the broken egg and hot plate make some very crisp, crunchy rice in some parts of the dish.


I have to agree with this assessment. Not a traditional paella but absurdly good. Loved the ceviches too.


So are we warming up to Rosaline? There was some grumbling about QPR and it not being worth it a while back. I ask because my cousin wants to come to L.A. to celebrate her bday and mentioned the restaurant. Thanks!

Edit: Her husband wants to pay for everyone. $1K budget for about 15 peeps. Will that work?


Here is a link to their dinner menu with prices,


Hi @ebethsdad -

I checked out the menu earlier. I guess my question is about portion size? Are appetizers a must? That factors into budget. Found out it will be more like 8-10 peeps, so it should work with his budget.