RSF/Del Mar Environs


Looking for a little help for a few mid-week dinners and maybe a lunch or two in the area.

High brow or low brow…it’s doesn’t matter. Focused more on quality and QPR.




Market is the best high end restaurant in Del Mar.
Roberto’s Taco Shop on PCH is a good hole in the wall Mexican type place. Nothing fancy but good burritos and we like their salsas.

I know this was not part of the original ask but
Sidecar Donuts
Snooze for breakfast

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Love the pizza and beer at Pizza Port. For a more is more style pizza. The bar at the Brigantine. For fish tacos and a great view. Mille Fleur in Rancho Santa Fe for lunch

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Ditto. Forgot about the Solana Beach outpost. Some people hate on Pizza Port but we love it. Kid friendly and good beers.



Yup. That style pizza is not in fashion that’s for sure. I used to live a block or so away occasionally they would make root beer and Ice cream as well. Both were almost always sold out. They were one of the early pioneers in the SD beer scene

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Vamos a texcoco, Vista for lamb barbacoa
URBN, Encinitas or Vista, pizza
Campfire, Carlsbad, American
Jeune et Jolie, Carlsbad, French, also from the folks at Campfire
Spiritos, Carlsbad, New Jersey style non fancy Italian
Draft Republic, Carlsbad, drinks only
Chiko, Encinitas, Asian fusion
Tip top meats, Carlsbad
Flower child, Del Mar, vegetarian
Milton’s, Del Mar, deli (surprisingly decent but no Langer’s)
Lobster West, Encinitas, lobster rolls
Pepper tree frosty, Vista, old school ice cream and shakes
One Love Island Cuisine, Oceanside
Flying pig pub and kitchen, Vista
Taco Bar, Vista, taco shop

Sorry, not as familiar with DM and RSF

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[quote=“js76wisco, post:2, topic:9462”]
Market is the best high end restaurant in Del Mar.
[/quote]. Places like Addison are a few/many steps above Market (which itself was too often a disappointment for “upscale” food in SD - places like Georges, Mille Fleur or even Marine Room are too close to really choose Market)

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Addison and Amaya, both in Del Mar. Addison is very spendy, but splurge worthy
Kaito Sushi in Encinitas
Q’ero (Peruvian) 2 locations, one on PCH in Encinitas, the other off the I-5 freeway a couple exits north of Del Mar
Tony’s Jacal in Del Mar
Red Tracton’s close to the race track, beloved old school steak house
Pacifica del Mar in Del Mar

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I’ll defer to you. Definitely not as well versed in the SD dining scene but had a great meal at Market although I’ve never been to Addison or Mille Fleur.



Another local legend



Addison is arguably the best restaurant in San Diego County. The chef is a protege of the French Laundry’s Thomas Keller.

Market is good but not on the same level as Addison.

Mille Fleur is another old school SD restaurants and was for years the epitome of local fine dining. It’s been around 30+ years. It was doing farm-to-table from the get-go. I haven’t had it, but I hear their burger rocks.



The atmosphere of MF during the day is pretty nice. And what a beautiful drive



Rendezvous gets a lot of notice for their Chinese food. And, don’t forget Raul’s for pretty notable Carne
Asada anything.



I’ve heard good things about Thyme in the Ranch for a light meal, and Creme & Sugar is f fun ice cream/coffee drink stop. Outlandish, indulgent sweet treats are worth of food porn. They make their own ice cream, with some unusual flavors. I also support Tony’s Jacal for old school guacamole and turkey tacos.

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